10 Great Christmas Presents for Your Cat That Won’t Break the Bank!


It’s a well-known fact that cats suffer terribly from present envy.  But don’t worry: it’s easy to avoid the misery of a jealous cat on Christmas Day by providing a gift or two for your feline friend.

Here’s a selection of 10 fun gifts for your cat that won’t break the bank.  Most of these items are from two of the major UK online pet supply outlets – Pet Planet and ZooplusUK – so that, hopefully,  you can add them to your usual cat food/litter order to save on p&p.

(Above)  The Kitty Boink Cat Toy£0.39 each from Pet Planet.  All 5 of my lot absolutely love these little woven plastic tubes and never seem to tire of them.  They love batting them, throwing them in the air, and carrying them around – they turn up in the strangest of places!  (I’ve also seen these in my local branch of Pets at Home for £1.00 for a pack of two, but I don’t know if they’re stocked in every branch.)

Rustling Toy Balls£1.49 for pack of four from ZooplusUK.  Cats love the noise and texture of these balls, and they’re easy to carry around.


Trixie Feather Waggler Toy£0.99 each, or £1.99 for pack of three from ZooplusUK.  Everyone loves a feather stick, and these are great value.


Cat Ping Pong Balls£1.99 for pack of six from Pet Planet.  Ping pong balls are always great fun, and as there’s six of these in a pack your cat should always be able to find one to play with!


Jolly Moggy Chirping Mouse£1.99 from Pet Planet.  This mouse chirps when squeezed, so will reward your cat with an enticing sound when caught by the mighty hunter.


Cat Charmer Cat Dangler£4.99 from ZooplusUK.  Cats will love chasing the colour-fast, non-toxic 120cm long fleece ribbon, and the manufacturers claim  this toy is virtually indestructable: the fleece is scratch and tear resistant,  and the pole will bear weights up to 13kg.


Kitty City Mouse Hunt£4.99 from Pet Planet.  This toy will keep your cat occupied while he/she ‘fishes’ for toys through the openings.  Supplied with a jingle ball and a plush toy.


Cat Toy Birds£5.50 each from the Cool for Cats UK Etsy shop.  Big enough for a wrestling match and light enough to be thrown around.  Made from upcycled denim and 100% wool felt, and filled with a mix of catnip, valerian and silver vine that your cat will find impossible to resist!  £4.50 from the sale of each bird will be donated to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

cat-bird-toysXL Hearts and Roses Cat Den with Scratcher£8.99 from Zooplus. This pretty cardboard den incorporates a scratcher and is big enough for large breeds to use comfortably.


Danish Design Crinkle Play Bag£11.99 from Milbry Hill.  A hideaway made from fish design fabric that contains a layer of crinkle material to facilitate the marvellous Thrashing Around For No Apparent Reason game.  Available in an assortment of colours, but I don’t think you get to choose which one you end up with.  Also available for £12.99 from Amazon (eligible for Super Saver Delivery).


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  1. We find ping pong balls all over the house, one of my four loves ping pong balls. In bed at night we often hear him batting them round the kitchen, the make lots of noise on the tiles!

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