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modern cat furniture the bloq greyRegular readers of this blog will probably already know that the Bloq by Binq Design is one of my favourite pieces of modern cat furniture.  So I’m delighted to be able to announce that Rutger from Binq Design has been in touch to offer Cool For Cats UK readers a very generous 25% discount on all Binq Design products.  All you need to do to claim your discount is enter the code COOL4CATS25% when placing your order.  The code is valid until 04/09/2012.

Product Review for the Bloq Beach:

modern cat furniture bloq beach by binq design

Rutger kindly offered me a 25% discount a few weeks ago, and I jumped at the chance to snap up my favourite Bloq – the Beach – at a bargain price.

I ordered the Beach with the light grey cushion, and was very impressed with how quickly it found its way from Holland to SE London.  The Beach has been a big hit with all the HQ Cats; Martha was the first to realise just how comfy the bean bag cushion is, and in fact barely moved from her new favourite spot for 24 hours.  Beryl, Ida and Ethel were keen to give the Beach a go too, and impressed me with their ability to share their new bed in a very civilized manner – it was like they’d organised a rota.  Eric was intially suspicious of the Beach (possibly because I’d used it to replace a cardboard box that he was very fond of), and studiously ignored the new piece of furniture.  However, after a week or so he discovered that a Bloq makes a fantastic cat perch.

modern cat furniture the bloq beach

Eric guarding 'his' Bloq Beach

Now, I’d hoped to be able to illustrate this review with photos of all the HQ Cats enjoying the Beach, but Eric’s put a stop to that particular idea: he likes the Beach so much that he won’t let any of the other cats near it!  The others do still use it when Eric’s not in the room, but as Eric follows me around everywhere (it’s purely cupboard love), taking photos before he warns them off has proved difficult.

modern cat furniture the bloq beach

Ethel makes do with the armchair while Eric's in the room.

The Bloq Beach is made from reclaimed floorboards, and is finished with white paint which is sanded down to give a ‘distressed’ look.  The paint has a water-resistant coating which enables the surface to be cleaned with a damp cloth.  I’ve found it very easy to remove cat hairs from the cushion cover by simply dampening my hands with water and then brushing the hairs off – it takes a matter of seconds.

modern cat bed bloq beach

Still guarding it...

The Beach would work well with most decor styles: I have mine in my kitchen, which contains a mixture of modern units, vintage furniture and bits and pieces from Ikea, and the Beach looks great alongside everything.  I should also mention that it makes a very handy side-table, and has made my life much easier now that I no longer have to balance mugs of tea on the arms of my chair while simultaneously trying to read the paper and prevent cats from knocking hot drinks over me or themselves.

As you can probably tell, I’m very pleased with the Beach that I bought.  (And just as pleased with the 25% discount!)  So if you fancy nabbing yourself a piece of designer dual-purpose cat furniture at a bargain price, head over to Binq Design and check out their range.

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