cat-on Scratch Furniture

cat-on are a Berlin-based company who produce a range of scratch furniture ‘that combines beautiful design with functionality’.Each piece of furniture is made from layers of compressed cardboard, which are sandwiched between two laminated card end-pieces.  This combination of materials is much sturdier than it sounds, and cats love to scratch compressed cardboard.

The cat-on range is huge: there are 18 different basic shapes to choose from, and most of these have a wide choice of colours and designs for the laminated card end-pieces.  To be honest, some of these designs are a bit bling for British tastes, but don’t be put off by them – there are plenty plain colours available, and some of the less busy patterns are rather nice too.

I recently bought a ‘Le Pain’ scratcher (in plain grey, and a bargain at £17.50) from cat-on, and was really impressed –  by the product and the customer service, and the fact that cat-on offers free p&p to the UK.

The HQ Cats love their new ‘Le Pain’scratcher, but remain unmoved by the free p&p.

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