A Collection of Sugar Skull Cats in Celebration of Dia de los Muertos


Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday with its origins in Mexico, which takes place on 1st and 2nd November.  The festivities are focused around remembering and celebrating dead family members and friends, and many people choose to honour their loved ones by building altars.  These altars hold offerings of food, drink and clothes as gifts for the deceased, and are beautifully decorated with flowers, candles and sugar skulls.

I very much like the idea of celebrating the lives of lost loved ones rather than dwelling on their departure; so in honour of Dia de los Muertos, here’s a selection of lovely sugar skull cats available from UK Etsy sellers.

Sugar Skull Black Cat Necklace (above) by Dolly Cool£7.74


1.  Sugar Skull Black Cat Earrings by Dolly Cool£5.16

2.  Day of the Dead Cat Art Print by Ella Goodwin£14.45

3.  Cat Bird Pendant by Ella Goodwin£10.32

4.  Colourful Sugar Skull Cat Keyring by Doodlecats£4.00

5.  Colourful Sugar Skull Cat Necklace by Doodlecats£8.00

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  1. Ah thanks for putting my ladies in this fab post!! 🙂

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