And February’s WTF? Award Goes To…

The lucky recipient of the WTF? Award must be offering for sale in the UK an item of cat paraphenalia so pointless and/or hideous that the average response to said item would be one of utter disbelief.

palma scratching post

Well, knock me down with a coconut!  Who would’ve thought that there are people out there who would like to transform a corner of their living space into a plush-covered homage to some distant tropical paradise, while at the same time keeping their feline friends entertained for two or three minutes?  Luckily for said people there exists a product which meets their exact requirements: the Palma Scratching Post.

If you’d like to treat yourself and your cat to one of these beauties – complete with wobbly hammock and scratching posts at an awkward angle – they’re available for £41.99 from Amazon.

2 responses to “And February’s WTF? Award Goes To…

  1. yep that’s pretty damned ugly!! lol

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