And March’s WTF? Award Goes To…

The lucky recipient of the WTF? Award must be offering for sale in the UK an item of cat paraphenalia so pointless and/or hideous that the average response to said item would be one of utter disbelief.

black and white cat kigu

These splendid examples of sartorial elegance are what’s known as Kigus.  Apparently they’re all the rage in Japan, and are being marketed as this summer’s festival essential.  Yeah, right!  They’re cat onesies, and as such should remain safely behind closed doors!

tabby cat kigu

If you already have your Glastonbury ticket, and fancy one of these cat Kigus to go with it, you can buy them here for £50.00.  (But remember that it’s traditionally very wet at Glastonbury, so be prepared to spend hours grooming the mud from your fur.)

2 responses to “And March’s WTF? Award Goes To…

  1. Guess what? I happen to LOVE those!!! Saw them on Catsparella quite some time ago and I want one sooooooooo bad!

    • Yeah, someone on the Facebook page said she’d had one for 3 years, so I’m very behind the times as far as Kigus are concerned – was completely unaware they existed until a couple of weeks ago! Are they not available in the States then?

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