And May’s WTF? Award Goes To…

The lucky recipient of the WTF? Award must be offering for sale in the UK an item of cat paraphenalia so pointless and/or hideous that the average response to said item would be one of utter disbelief.

It goes without saying that no bathroom should be without a Novelty Cat Shower Cap.  I know Cool For Cats UK readers are a very stylish bunch with impeccably good taste, so I expect most of you have one of these beauties already.  But, just in case they’ve somehow slipped under your fashion radar, you can redeem yourself by popping over to Amazon and snapping one up for a mere £5.95.

2 responses to “And May’s WTF? Award Goes To…

  1. sorry….I think it is AWFULLY funny and guess what? I would WEAR IT! So there!

    • Ha ha! And you needn’t restrict yourself to just wearing it in the shower either – I’m sure it would make a rather splendid rain hat too. Do feel free to send us a photo if you buy one!

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