Animed Direct 10% Discount Code for Super-cheap Flea Treatments, Prescription Diets etc!

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I’ve been purchasing flea treatments from Animed Direct for the last few months and have been mightily impressed both by their prices and speed of delivery.  I like to use Advantage on the HQ Cats, as I’ve been told by my vet that it’s the most effective flea treatment available.  Keeping five cats flea-free can be an expensive old business, so I was delighted when Advantage came off prescription a couple of years ago and became widely available online.  (My vet wasn’t quite so thrilled!)

To date, Animed Direct offer the best price on Advantage that I’ve been able to find – Advantage 80 for Large Cats is available for £9.40 which includes UK delivery!!  Cheap, no?  In addition to many different brands of flea treatments, Animed Direct also stock a wide range of prescription diets, prescription drugs, health supplements etc.  (They sell loads of healthcare products for other animals too.)  I’ve not searched around for price comparisons on any of these other products, but they seem to be at the reasonable end of the spectrum.

As I’ve been so impressed by the prices and range of products Animed Direct offer, and have direct experience of excellent customer service from them, I decided it would be selfish of me not to let you lot in on the action.  So I contacted Animed Direct and asked them if they would be kind enough to sort out a discount code especially for Cool for Cats UK readers.

Being such nice people, they said yes, and are offering readers of this blog a 10% discount code, valid til 31/12/2013.  In order to claim your 10% discount you need to enter the code COOLCAT10 at the checkout.  BUT certain criteria apply:  this code is only for individuals, not for business/resale orders; plus the code can only be used by new customers on their first order.

So if, like me, you’re already an Animed Direct customer, move along now, there’s nothing to see.  But if you’ve never bought anything from them before, happy shopping!

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