April Giveaway – the Cat Crib

cat crib UK

This month you have the chance to win an amazing Cat Crib (in the colour of your choice), kindly provided by Oz & Mr. Curious – UK-based online suppliers of affordable, high-quality cat and dog products.

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment at the end of this post.  Entries must be in before midnight on 30th April 2013.  The winner will be selected by a random electronic draw on 1st May 2013, and informed by email.  Only one entry per person please.  This giveaway is open to UK addresses only.

cat crib UK

The Cat Crib was launched in the USA last year (I first spotted it on Hauspanther), and I’m very excited that this product has now made it across the pond to the UK.  Hurrah!  So what’s so blummin’ great about yet another cat bed appearing on the market?  Well, that’s just it, the Cat Crib is a truly innovative product that isn’t like any other cat bed: it’s a hammock which fits under most chairs (and small tables), designed with feline ergonomics in mind, and it also happens to make life just that little bit easier for us mere humans.

Let’s look at it from a cat’s point of view first.  Cat’s like to sleep under furniture: it makes them feel secure, and provides ample opportunities for espionage.  (FACT: our cats are contractually obliged to spend a minimum 10% of their waking hours spying on us – their observations are stored in a high-security feline database, to be used for future world domination purposes.)

The problem with sleeping underneath the furniture is that it’s not as comfortable as sleeping on the furniture – drafts and hard surfaces can be an issue.  The Cat Crib will raise your cat above the worst of the drafts, and provide a cosy, springy sleeping area.

cat crib UK

From a human perspective, the Cat Crib is a great space-saving device as it occupies the redundant floor space beneath your chairs and tables.  It’s also a handy way to reduce household clutter – it’s unobtrusively tucked away, which means you’ll have one less cat bed to trip over!  And you can clean the floor without having to move it out of the way – a big plus, in my book.

The Cat Crib is available in three colours: black, purple and neutral, and can easily cope with weights of 9kg (that’s 20lb in old money).

Here’s a video clip demonstrating just how easy-peasy it is to fit to your furniture, and how much cat-appeal it has!  (If you’re unable to view this video via email or RSS subscription, please click on the title link to watch.)

ozlogo copy

Oz & Mr. Curious was founded by June Ling, who was inspired to start the company after seeing ‘all these cool and interesting (pet) products online, but I could not source them in the UK and it was frustrating.’   I’m sure many of you know the feeling!

June believes ‘that the British pet owner should be given a wider selection of products without having to source them abroad’.  Oz & Mr. Curious aim to give their customers the choice of a variety of high-quality, innovative products at affordable prices, and will continue to source and stock a larger range as the business grows.  Which is brilliant news for UK cat and dog owners, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Here are the animals in June’s life: her adorable golden retriever puppy, Maggie, and June’s brother’s cats, Chubbsy and Fetty.


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240 responses to “April Giveaway – the Cat Crib

  1. My Sammy would fight Holly to get into this first

  2. My god, my cat would adore this! 🙂

  3. jayne fotheringham

    lovely my cat Rolo will love this

  4. Great idea, my cat Daisy would love this as she always sleeps on the dining chairs

  5. oh goodness what a fantastic idea one of my cats wouldn’t fit I dont think but the other one would love it!

  6. Looks really cool

  7. Please can I have one for my beautiful Mo? 🙂

  8. My two burmese would love this.

  9. claire griffiths

    wow this looks fantastic my two would love this 🙂

  10. Brilllllllllll for my 13 wk old siamese bou Alfie

  11. Shelley Jessup

    I think this is such a great idea especially as Conc likes to hide away from people when she is resting.

  12. Hannah Whitling

    This is a brilliant idea.

  13. Eleanor Powell

    Alfie would adore this!

  14. This looks awesome!! My 3 would scrap over it

  15. This looks fab!!

  16. What a great idea my cats would be fighting to have pride of place on this!

  17. This is so cute, my two girls would love to have this in their lives!

  18. thegloomydonkey@hotmail.com

    My kitties would love this although I am unsure whether either of them would fit into it as they are both enormous!

  19. Wow what a cool and unusual product, think mine will debate whose gonna use them lol (might have to get them each one lol)

  20. this looks fab. i wonder if my chihuahua would get in it too?!

  21. Emily Hutchinson

    What a great space saving idea!

  22. baudsley@hotmail.com

    daisy and kitty would love this

  23. bvmaidstone@hotmail.co.uk

    Lynxy would love this, her favorite place at the moment is a paw cat bed sat under a small table in our lounge, she loves it.

  24. sweir1@talk21.com

    What a brilliant idea!

  25. How amazing would this be??!

  26. My cats (Fudge, Fred & Wilma) would absolutely love this – as well as being able to spy on Mummy, they’d be able to spy on the dogs too! Heaven

  27. Ooh very clever design my cat would love this x

  28. Bubble and Squeak would love this, although I can imagine some sharing issues arising! Bubble, in particular, loves squashing herself into tiny little spaces and hiding under furniture, so this would be fab!

  29. Great fun my cars Lily and Tigger would love this lots of fun thank you.

  30. What a brilliant idea!

  31. Ilenia Barausse

    Bellissimo! My Poppy might appreciate me a bit more if I got her this!!!! 🙂

  32. tamalyn roberts

    lol jasper my cat would love that, hes always jumping into the bottom of my friends pushchairs and this is exactly what he wants, he could also stalk the kids and visitors from that ha ha how fab!

  33. My Poppy would love this, she could snuggle up 🙂

  34. My cat Gollum would be in his element with one of these!

  35. Nice idea, I might even get my footstool back 🙂

  36. If my cats would get off my pc and stop drooling over it i could finish writing this .. Done x Meow meow meow – get off my pc!!!!

  37. This looks so snug for my cats.

  38. With this my lounge would look tidier and I know my cat Ollie would love it for sure 🙂

  39. I can see my three fighting over this trying to claim it for themselves…

  40. Sandy would love this!

  41. liz.ryley@btinternet.com

    My 2 cats would love to fight over this!

  42. Terence Carter

    My cats would love this… or at least get their exercise fighting each other as they try to work out who gets to sleep in it first….

  43. I’m in!

  44. My Jasper would absolutely love his. Xox

  45. My cats would take turns with this – they share very nicely 🙂

  46. Love this!!!!! Amazing idea! My boy would love this cozy bed! Might end up sleeping even more than the 20 odd hours he manages to clock up in a day though! 🙂

  47. Louise Hodgson

    Since you clearly borrowed my cat to model this, the least you can do is to let me have one!

  48. My kits would love this! 😀 x

  49. I’m getting a human sized one so I can sleep right next to my cat.

  50. Oh my furry spitballs, this is amazing! I bet my cat would absolutely love it, and so would we for having less hair ON the furniture. ;P

  51. Do we get the cat as well?

  52. Nice idea!

  53. My Archie would love that.

  54. Oh my god! this is brilliant!! my cat would love it so much. I hope whichever cat gets it enjoys it!

  55. I’m just moving house, and this would be ideal in the new place. Great space saving idea and my little boy could feel all safe and tucked away!

  56. My beautiful new cat (my first cat!) would love this and it would help her settle in her new home.

  57. My local cat rescue RPR that does brilliant work rehoming cats and give so much of their time could really do with one of these!!!

  58. Louise Hayward-Rowse

    All my 4 fur babies would love this. Me and my fur babies are all moving back to UK due to family ill health after 7yrs in NZ. Much love xxx

  59. I love this! and my cat would too 😀

  60. Love the cat crib!

  61. My cats would love this! Especially Kitsune – she used to have the radiator bed but her big lump brother Tanuki has kicked her out, so now she sleeps on the chair and gazes at the radiator wistfully…

  62. I wud lyk this plzthx. With luvs from Machka teh kitteh.

  63. My Bengal, Taiki, would love a new hammock since she has literally worn through her one. She does love a bit of comfort.

  64. Monsieur Oscar de la Renta would love this kitty hammock I’m sure. Any excuse to be lazy.

  65. Jane Harrington

    Oh, Mimi Von Smallhausen would construct quite the lair in this. Then the world really WOULD be in trouble…

  66. What a great idea, I’m sure my two terrors would love one of these !

  67. Looks like a great design. My cats would love one of these and there would definitely be plenty of scraps over it too!

  68. Karen Richards

    My cat would love this

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  70. What a fantastic idea! Great invention. And you could have one under each chair with a cat in each. A wonderful way to keep the living room tidy! 😉

  71. My boy Bill would never be out of this!

  72. Awwwww…..Gizmo would love to snooze in one of those!

  73. amazing idea!! great for space-saving, very innovative! x

  74. I have two kitties called Barley and Nelson and they appear to suffer from extreme tiredness and as such a bed of this nature would be gratefully received. 🙂

  75. Wow! This is a fantastic idea, and would help to prevent the coating of fur I find on every soft surface throughout the house. I can see my big squishy grey kitten Wiggins loving this, and our skinny little black and white Betsy loving it even more – she prefers not to sit on us but still likes to be close and to be able to observe!

  76. Great idea. My 3 cats (Paris, Venus and Olive) would love this. Might have to get them one each though!

  77. I am about to adopt a kitten and I was just looking online for cute ped products for her when I stumbled across this site! I love the idea of the cat crib, it would be perfect for a new kitten to snooze in after a hard day’s playing.

  78. My little old lady cat would love one of these to sleep in! Especially if the chair could be placed next to the radiator when it’s cold.

  79. Carole Simpson

    Pickles would have great fun snoozing in one of these !

  80. Would love to win. My old boy is always curling up in the most unusual places.

  81. That is genius! how do people come up with such clever ideas? This would come so in handy 🙂

  82. What a great idea. Frankie and Benny, my cats, share a bed, but I know that Frankie would love a place of her own. This would be perfect for her.

  83. My little tortoiseshell Wiz would just love going to sleep in this! Like many cats, she often chooses some peculiar places to settle down…. it would be so nice to give her a little hammock of her own!

  84. Toulouse Claude deserves one of these!

  85. Will be interesting to see if my cat would actually sleep in this – he tends to prefer sleeping where he shouldn’t do!!

  86. Harriet Stobart

    Can’t believe this exists! This is the coolest way to snooze!

    My cat Olly may put this number above my weekly shop of Whiskas!

  87. samantha devine

    My friend has just got a kitten and she would love this.

  88. Hmmmm! . . . must remember NOT to fix it to the rocking chair! OUCH! Poor puss!

  89. BRILLIANT IDEA!!! It’s certainly given me PAWS for thought!

  90. This would certainly keep my two Cats occupied and probably wear them out as they’d both want to sleep in it but certainly not together lol

  91. Very sweet idea, fingers crossed 🙂

  92. La la la la la la ,oh can’t you see…so cool for me!!

  93. Looks like a great product!

  94. Such a good idea, and space saving!

  95. Katherine Teff

    Genius! This might stop the cat from sleeping in the storage hammock below the highchair!

  96. What a great idea. I’d love to have one these (and so would the cat)!

  97. Oh my days! Cat heaven for my two little furballs! Will keep them from sleeping on top of my head at night too!

  98. deborah davies

    looks great what a good idea only problem i will have if i win is how to persuade jasper the dog that its not for him!

  99. my churchie would love this 🙂

  100. I love it, and I think Tinks will too.

  101. Awesome giveaway!

  102. Oh that’s clever – ours constantly vie to sleep on the dining chair nearest the window and this would, effectively, turn it into a bunk bed! The black looks really rather smart.

  103. How neat! My cat would love this!

  104. I can see Eric, Ernie and Fizzy fighting over this 🙂

  105. victoria bennett

    I can just see jarvis and dusty relaxing in this!

  106. Debra hainsworth

    My sparky would love this

  107. Brilliant! Love this. 🙂

  108. My two boys would love to hang out in this!

  109. So nifty!!!! My cats would love to snooze in one of these!

  110. A comfortable hammock like this would never be empty!

  111. Roszanah Packer Mohamed

    Leonardo says ” absolutely great ! perfect on cold day or hot day, while everybody has gone to work, perfect for me to do my spying on the rest of cats from here, and more……….

  112. How neat! Our cat would love this!

  113. Jessica Husek

    My Lucy looks just like the model, so I know she’d look perfect in this!

  114. Sarah Whittle

    Oh yeah I know a couple of felines who would love this

  115. I would love to win this for my lovely cat!

  116. I would love to win this for my kitty cat x

  117. Oh yes there are alot of cats at shelter who would love snuggling in this 🙂

  118. Elaine Russinger

    My cats Pickle and Dennis say:
    The “Cat Crib” prize is a real CATch and a PURRfect solution to CATnaps and FELINE good…we hope we have shown real CATitude and know it will keep us both aMEWsed!!

  119. My Casper would love this! He loves going under furniture for hiding and snoozing! <3.x

  120. I can see our old puss Charlie in this very easily. He’s getting on a bit now – and he does like his sleep! Oh, to be able to sleep for up to 18 hours a day! Bliss!

  121. It’s a catastic idea!

  122. What a great idea, would love this for my cat

  123. My evil kitty Phoenix would adore this, hehe 🙂

  124. What a fab idea!! My two cats Alfie and Muffin would love it!!

  125. All I can say is ‘What Fun’

  126. olgaharry1964@googlemail.com

    great prize thanks

  127. kellyroxannesmith1982@googlemail.com

    fab idea, my kittens would love this, thanks 🙂 x

  128. Caroline Mortimer

    My kittens might fight over this – or they might both manage to squish into it! 🙂

  129. Great! Humbug would love this!!!

  130. a real novelty! cats would love it!

  131. This is a great idea and my cat Jessie would love it. Paws crossed!


    Lol, this is brilliant, Ron and Reg would love a go in one

    Thanks :0)

  133. Wonderful – of course I’d need a hammock for myself too, wouldn’t do to be jealous of lovely Leo

  134. This is the purrrfect pressie for my cat!

  135. Amber Hannell

    My Kitty would love this! looks really awesome. Good luck everyone !

  136. Natalie Castle

    My cat Tootsie would love this! xxx

  137. Chester would love this under the chair nearest the radiator

  138. pheobe johnson

    my cat would love this 🙂

  139. What a great idea. would love this for my cat

  140. james parsonage


  141. Catherine Halloran


  142. Jacky Roberts

    Wow what a fab idea!! I’m sure my cats would love that…pretty sure the lurcher would try fit himself in it too seeing as he think’s he’s one of the cats!

  143. this looks awesome!

  144. Excellent idea.Casper would love this as often he sleeps under the table with his head on the bar and it looks so uncomfortable for him.

  145. Isabel Marie Baker

    I L <3 V E this fabulous idea my 9 cats would be fighting over this 🙂

  146. As my cats seem to let me live in their house..I think it’s only fair I thank them in some way!

  147. My cat Thomasina would absolutely love this.

  148. My two cats would love this, next stop human sized

  149. Lyndsey A Hawkins

    amazing, my little minxie would love this…

  150. I think I might rise a cat if I won this.

  151. If I had this, my cat might spend more time indoors and not so much time outside hunting birds.

  152. My little Timmy and Barney would love one of these x

  153. Katherine Grant

    oh i would love to win this for my elderly neighbour who only told me last week he finds it hurts his legs now when BB sits for to long

  154. Miss Dorothy Dolittle would love this….I can see her now…bopping the other three cats on the nose if they get too close to *her* bed!

  155. Lisa Williams

    This is so cool I wish they made them for humans to then I could sleep along with my kitty 🙂

  156. What an unusual idea, sure my cat would love using this, or maybe she’s expect me to use it and she could just stay on the best chair? Fingers crossed that I win anyway.

  157. My sister’s cat would love this. May keep her out of trouble.

  158. What a great idea, do they make one for us mere humans

  159. my little girl would love this! She’s an evil crime genius and deserves a fitting seat.

  160. Lorraine Devlin

    I would love this for my cat Millie

  161. Me, me, me, me!

  162. June Etherington

    brilliant idea my Tibs would really love this.

  163. Good idea – now would it fit BigPuss or LittlePuss? And yes, there’s a HUGE difference between them!

  164. FionaLynne Edwards

    Wow – I’ve not seen these before. My Cuppers would love it – make a change from her cardboard shoe box!

  165. Love this hammock and with 5 cats it would never be empty in our house lol. Fingers and claws crossed 🙂

  166. keren mary curran

    so cute awww bless

  167. My mum’s cat would love this.

  168. Our cat is a real chair-hogger so this solution would be perfect for him!

  169. My large boy would love this a lot.
    He would STILL be able view everything without stirring much and i really need to get his very old ‘much love’ tatty cardboard box.

  170. Karen Scammell

    I love it! I can just imagine my cat looking sneakily at me from under the chair now!

  171. My cat is an old girl now so this would be ideal for her as it can be placed low down 🙂

  172. Aww, my kitty would love to snuggle in this!

  173. What a great idea!

  174. enter me please

  175. Claire Griffiths

    Anything that keeps my cat from making a bed on my clothes is an awesome thing!

  176. Rocky (son’s owner) would really prefurr this hammock though he might test the weight limitations! Can’t think why nobody thought of this before!

  177. kate mitchell

    I’m about to adopt a new rescue cat but as it has been a few years since my cat died – I wasn’t ready for another kitty around until now – therefore I got rid of almost all of his bits and pieces. I suspect this cat crib would be a welcome hiding place for a new cat getting to know it’s new home.

  178. My cat is a complete diva and she’d be able to queen it over us all

  179. fab idea, my two would go nuts for this!

  180. My cats just saw this & said mEoOoW mEOW Meoooooow, which I think translates into “wow I’d love one of those cat cribs daddy” 🙂

  181. My three kitties would fight over this, no doubt 😉 Great prize, thank you!

  182. jen.eng@ntlworld.com

    Our beautiful cat Polly passed away aged 20 at the end of last year. We’ve been thinking of getting another cat, then yesterday a friend posted on Facebook that he’s having to rehome his cat. We offered to adopt her and she’s coming to live with us on Friday. This would be a lovely welcome gift for her.

  183. christina brown

    Awww my kitty would love this! He’d probably be after my legs if I was sitting in the chair though as I have a habit of swinging them when sitting still! 😛

  184. k.m.wynne@tesco.net

    I wish I’d thought of this-brilliant idea! Thanks.

  185. The girls would love this!

  186. Would be fantastic to win this!

  187. Isobel Gibbons

    My cat would love this!

  188. I love the idea of this! My cat would love it!

  189. Sharon roberts

    I have three cats and there always fighting over places to sleep, so i have to come up with some where new all the time for them, normally it has to be some where out the way, where they can hide” this is perfect for cats that love to hide and watch the world go by.

  190. Bella would make use of this, no doubt she would claw it to shreds though 🙂

  191. sharon knight

    Maia would love this but would need one in each room as she follows me around!

  192. Oh wow, my cat Lily would love one of these! She loves getting into small spaces and hiding away from the world!!

  193. hayley cooper

    what a fantastic idea!!! My cat would love this as I’m always catching her with the chair leg!!!!

  194. My Morris would love this. He loves hiding under tables and chairs.

  195. Leslie Chetland

    What a great idea. Ziggy and Ozzie (my apricot point and lilac point siamese) would love curling up together in this. The only problem might be that the rabbit would try to join them…

  196. Paul von der Fecht

    Our moggies would love this!

  197. Oh my boy ‘Junior’ would love this, he often curls up on the floor under the coffee table besides my chair, this would make his snoozing experience a lot more comfy 😀

  198. These look great!

  199. Great idea

  200. This is a great idea – space saver and cosy cat hammock in one!

  201. Would love to win!

  202. my cat would love this!

  203. Neil Longbottom

    My two furry kids would love one of these… If they share nicely! 🙂

  204. This is such a great creation! Wiggy would love one of these. Thank you! x

  205. These look lovely 🙂 I know my cats would both love them!

  206. ‘Oh, my! How comfy and cool does that look! It’s utterly exhausting being the man of the house, keeping an eye on Mummy and little bro and preventing trespassers from entering my garden (well, our garden). I really do need somewhere private to rest at the end of each day and this looks absolutely purrfect!’ Love, No 1 Boy

  207. ianmaciver@onetel.com

    fandabidozy , our three cats would all love this

  208. Craig Charlton

    a kitty cat hammock, sorted, looks ace

  209. Lewis Williams

    My cat would love this! Loves sleeping under chairs already so this will definitely make his day!

  210. It looks good.

  211. My Little sister may-may will love to snuggle up in one of these , i only wish i could fit in there with her. =^..^=

  212. phildavey@btopenworld.com

    What a lovely idea!

  213. jennie jackson

    What a great idea. My cat Mylo loves sleeping under chairs – he would love this

  214. What a brilliant idea 🙂

  215. my cat Marmsalade would love this crib

  216. My cat Harley would just love one of these. He sleeps in some really strange places and it would be great to give him a hammock of his own! Fingers crossed. x

  217. Aww thats looks fab, human size one would be nice too.

  218. Great item for the cats.fingers crossed.

  219. fantastico

  220. that does look awesome. i know a minnie that would enjoy that.

  221. Freddie and Holly would adore this. I think that both of them could probably fit in and have a good snuggle. Be fantastic if we won.

  222. Richard Whillock

    I know a ginger Tom called Elvis who’d love this!

  223. Nice cosy hideaway

  224. Emma Hainsworth

    Wow, love this! My cat always sits on the chair tucked under the table by I have cream cotton seats and a black malting cat lol, would love my little man to have a space of his own to relax 🙂

  225. My two pampered pets would love this. My toddler wants to shower them with affection but they just want somewhere quiet to sleep where they won’t be woken up by his over eager cuddles!

  226. My five rescue cats who would love this!

  227. Great product, looks comfortable. Allows a little hideaway.

  228. Cotiga Stefania

    this looks brilliant, i like it and i hope too win 😉

  229. Marion. courtney

    What a great idea my three cats would just love this.

  230. wow

  231. What a brilliant idea – why has hasn’t any thought of this before?

  232. My cat mabel would absolutely love this. She really likes to sit near or even on our feet so with one of these she could sit with us while we work but not get kicked. I’d be tempted to get another cat to fill another craddle for my husband so we can have one each.

  233. pearl.davison@ntlworld.com

    This was just made for Edgar!

  234. jennifer peers

    both my cats and ferrets would love this

  235. Oooh Tuscan would love one of those, I think Tyler the dog would be extremely jealous and to be honest I think I may be a little jealous too 🙂

  236. Mr Snuggles would love this and also help me by not getting under my feet :o)

  237. Sarah Fricker

    My cats need one of these in their lives!

  238. Ooh I know my two would love one of these! Mia used to love squishing herself under the sofa, but unfortunately she can’t fit now, little fatty!! xx

  239. This looks brilliant:) Sam, Marley, Gucci and Raven would be very excited about sharing one of these. =^..^=

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