August Giveaway – Find Me Id Tags by Mogalicious

find me - qr coded cat id tags

The Find Me tag by Mogalicious is an innovative new id tag which uses smartphone technology to discover the location of your cat, and is accurate to within 3 metres.  Mogalicious have kindly given three lucky Cool for Cats UK readers the chance to win a Find Me tag!  Winners can choose either a clasp, or a split-ring collar attachment (pictured above).

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment at the end of this post.  Entries must be in before midnight on 31st August 2013.  Only one entry per person please!  The three winners will be chosen by a random electronic draw on 01/09/2013 and notified by email.  You must claim your prize within 14 days of being notified, otherwise an alternative winner will be selected.  Sorry, but this giveaway is open to UK addresses only.

Each Find Me tag contains a unique QR code, which is programmed with your details and a message of your choice.  When the tag is scanned with a smartphone, it instantly sends you a text or an email with a link showing your cat’s location on Google Maps.  At the same time, the person who’s scanned the tag receives your personalised message on their phone – you may wish to include your contact details and any relevant medical information.  It’s very easy to update the message, if, for example, you move house or change your phone number.

find me - qr coded cat id tags

The Find Me tags measure 2.7 cm in diameter and weigh just 10g.  The tags are silver plated (to prevent skin irritation in cats with metal sensitivities) and have a flat glass screen to make scanning easy.  They don’t require batteries.

The Find Me tags have been developed to allow you to keep tabs on your cat’s whereabouts without the need to publicly display your contact details.  Should you wish to provide people with the opportunity to call you if they find your cat, your cat will need to wear an additional tag, or you could attach the Find Me tag to a collar which has been personalised with your contact details.  Please remember to always use a safety collar with a quick-release buckle – collars with elasticated panels are not safe for your cat!  And of course, cats should always be microchipped.

find me - qr coded cat id tags

The Find Me tags go on sale on 9th September, but are currently on beta release.  If you’d like to take part in the beta, use the code COOLFORCATS when you sign up – this means that if you’re not selected to take part in the trial you’ll receive a £5.00 discount when the tags go on sale in September (they’ll be priced at £25.00).

Edit 11/08/2013: These id tags do not track your cat’s movements over a period of time, they will only show your cat’s location at the time of scanning.  So if someone finds a cat and is concerned that he or she may be lost, they can scan the Find Me tag with their smartphone and the cat’s owner will instantly be messaged with the missing cat’s location.  Just thought I’d better clarify things, as a couple of comments have been left by people who seem to think these tags are some kind of GPS-type tracking device.  (Apologies for any confusion caused by my explanation of the tags’ function in the main body of this article!)

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23 responses to “August Giveaway – Find Me Id Tags by Mogalicious

  1. I’d really like one of these as we live near loads of roads now and it’d be good to help keep our kitty safe!

  2. Would love one for my new kitten would hate her to get lost and noone could find me , how do u sign up for beta test too?

    • Just click on the words ‘beta release’ which are highlighted in orange, and you’ll be taken through to the appropriate page on the Mogalicious site. (Although it may be too late to sign up as I think the trial ends in September.)

  3. Know just how useful these could be, my dad rescued a cat from forty meters up a tree, and we struggled to find his owners. Fortunately with a lot of old fashioned leg work, we did eventually.

  4. I would love to win one of these for Charlie my beloved rescue cat. We are about to move and am worried he may wander. He is chipped but at least with this it’s quicker for pin pointing him. Would be lost without him

  5. Would love the chance to try 1 of these, its great idea.

  6. This would be so handy! Would probably give it to my 7yr old Pepsi who’s a hunter and can be out for ages! It would be useless with my youngest, as she doesn’t really like to leave my bed, never mind the garden!

  7. Cats are pretty fluffy. My cat is agoraphobic but has got out before and became traumatised. He’s pretty fat. I like cats.

  8. Me, me, please choose me! Well, my new kitten – Ludo. This is such a brilliant idea.

  9. Brilliant idea – am getting ready to welcome a rescue cat next month and would really love one of these just in case he wanders off in his new neighbourhood and gets lost.

  10. My little cat Storm went missing for over a week last year, and I was devastated and extremely worried that I had lost her for good. Luckily she eventually returned, but one of these tags would set my mind at rest in case she wonders off again.

  11. I would love one of these for my Star. It would kill me if I lost her, she was born into my household 12 years ago and I love her dearly

  12. Oooh how cool is this .. My Fuzzle foo our great furred beauty wouldn’t be able to keep his secrets from us night when we can’t find him we can check the next day where he has been! 😉 xx

  13. What a brilliant idea i would love to win one for my gorgeous boy Dylan

  14. Denise Macfarlane

    I would love to win one of these, my boy went missing last year for 6 weeks and this may have helped me get him home sooner!

  15. Frances Mitchell

    I’d LOVE one of these for Amber! Fingers and toes and everything crossed – thank you!!!

  16. I would love one for my little prince. If I don’t win I may just have to buy one. Hope I win though 🙂

  17. Denise McSpadden

    What an excellent idea!

  18. My little black cat likes to wander about at night – it’s be nice to know exactly where she’s going! Especially if she ever noses about somewhere nice and gets shut in.

  19. What a fab idea!!!! Would love to win one for one of my rescue cats.

  20. I would LOVE one of these as will be moving soon and will keep the 4 cats in for several weeks before letting out in new area though very scared with the prospect of one of them wandering and getting lost … especially Sam who is almost 18.

  21. Oh, PLEASE enter me for this!! My Lilac Point Siamese boy is always wandering and exploring, as there isn’t a single gap in the house that he can’t squeeze out of if determined enough, and we last found him stuck at the top of a very large tree. Luckily, during our search we walked past the tree and heard him complaining loudly, otherwise who knows what might have happened. But this tag would be absolutely ideal.

  22. Mogalicious Find me id tag giveaway entry.

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