Aztec Cat T-shirt by Brat&Susie

aztec cat t-shirt by brat&suzie

Here’s another great cat t-shirt for your summer wardrobe!  The Aztec Cat T-shirt is by Brat&Susie – an East London fashion label run by animal-loving twins, Polly and Charlotte Vickery.

This t-shirt features a tabby called Rogue, who ‘is the sort of cat who waits outside for you to come home and tries to get in your car when you leave’.  Rogue looks very pretty in her Aztec print bow, which she’s chosen to wear at a fashionably jaunty angle!

The Aztec Cat T-shirt is available in Small, Medium and Large for £30.00.  If you like clothes with an animal theme, check out the rest of the Brat&Suzie range – there’s some real gems in there.  (My favourite is the Teacup Mouse T-shirt, but don’t tell the HQ cats that I’ve promoted a dastardly rodent item on this blog, otherwise I will be made to suffer!)

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