Cardboard Cat Scratching Post by Kitty City – It’s a Bit of a Bargain!

cardboard scratching post by kitty city

There are plenty of horizontal cardboard cat scratchers around these days – which is good news for cats, who are all members of the Cardboard Fan Club; and good news for eco-conscious humans, who all like the fact that cardboard is 100% recyclable.  However, if your cat is a vertical claw sharpening devotee, any horizontal scratch furniture you kindly provide will be shunned and the war of attrition on your sofa/armchair/wallpaper etc. will continue unabated.

Vertical cardboard scratchers still seem hard to come by – particularly at the budget-friendly end of the cat furniture market.  Which is why I was very pleased to discover the Kitty City Corrugated Scratching Post currently on sale for just £9.99 at Pet Planet.  In fact I was so pleased that I bought one.   And it’s a very good product: the post is a decent height (52cm), and the (30cm x 30cm) base is pretty stable – so this scratcher would be fine for larger cats.  Plus, the post can be replaced with a £4.99 refill once it’s worn out – which will take a reasonable amount of time as you can rotate the pieces,  so when one section of the post gets a bit tired you can turn it round and your cat can have a go at a fresh piece.

cardboard scratching post by kitty city

Design-wise this scratching post is neutral enough to fit in anywhere, and you can also change the look of the post quite dramatically, depending on how you arrange the cardboard pieces.  I started off with a conventional square post, but, following an incident with the hoover flex, I now have a more interesting helix thing going on.

I’m afraid I don’t have any pics of the one I bought in use, so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that the Kitty City scratching post has been a big hit with the natives round these parts.  Especially with Beryl.  And only the very brave or the very foolish would argue with Beryl.

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