Cat Beds for Cool Cats from Aslan’s Pad


Aslan’s Pad is a brand-spanking-new online boutique dedicated to providing the UK’s cats (and their humans) with some much-needed contemporary cat furniture.  The shop is currently stocking a diverse selection of cool cat beds, but Ellena Syrett, the brains behind Aslan’s Pad, has plans to increase her range of products and become the ‘one-stop shop for funky cat things’.

Above: Aslan’s Cat Bed ‘Birds’, £55.00.  Below: Sailor Boat Bed, £34.00.


Aslan’s Vintage Cat Bed, £59.00.


Ellena named her shop after Aslan, her cuddly Bengal (below).  Aslan is a very fussy cat, and for this reason is in charge of product testing: if a product passes the Aslan Test, then Ellena knows her customers will be happy with it too!


Monster Chunky Pet Bed, £38.00.


You can check out the rest of the Aslan’s Pad range of cat beds here.  Aslan’s Pad is currently offering free delivery to the UK mainland.

I’m looking forward to seeing which other products Aslan’s Pad will be stocking in the future.  There’s a cat exercise wheel on the horizon, and plans to start importing cool cat stuff from Europe and the US – I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. super cute beds! The suitcase ones have been around for a looong time (as in years), there are 2 women who make vintage suitcase cat beds that are to die for!

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