Cat Chaise Longue from Puddy Pooch

cat chaise longue from puddy pooch

Every cat believes they should be reclining in luxury on a chaise longue in between strenuous bouts of feasting on peacock liver washed down with double cream.  Unfortunately, peacock liver is hard to come by and double cream’s downright unhealthy.  But the chaise longue is do-able!

This cat-sized chaise longue is upholstered in a light grey and black paisley fabric, with a comfortable sprung base and padded head and paw rest.  Measurements: External size 67cm x 35cm x 32cm; Internal size 49cm x 29cm x 16cm.

The chaise longue is available for £51.00 from Puddy Pooch.

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  1. I soooooooooooooooo WANT!

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