Cat Christmas Cards From 11 Different Animal Charities


Sorry to break it to you like this, but there are only 36 days left until Christmas.  In an effort to make the run-up to the big day as painless as possible for you, I’ll be dedicating the next couple of weeks to all things Christmas; or, more specifically, all things Cat and Christmas.  So if you’re looking for cat-themed cards and calendars, or gift ideas for the cat people in your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s kick things off with a selection of cat charity cards.  Some of these cards are being sold to raise funds for cat rescue charities, and the remainder to support general animal charities.  All cards featured are available directly from the charities themselves, so you can be confident that the profits are going directly to help animals in need.  In the interests of brevity, I’ll only be featuring one card from each charity, but most of the charities in this list are offering a range of Christmas cards.

Above: Cats Protection  Pack of 10 £4.95.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue Pack of 10 £5.25 (inc p&p).  The charity also have a selection of end of range cat Christmas cards available in their ebay shop in packs of ten at £2.00 per pack.  (Yorkshire Cat Rescue were previously known as Haworth Cat Rescue.  The reduced cards have the old logo on the back, but rest assured your money will be going to the same cat charity!)


Cat Chat  Pack of 10 £3.95.


Siamese Rescue  Pack of 6 £6.00 (inc p&P).


Celia Hammond Animal Trust  Pack of 10 £4.99.


Blue Cross  Pack of 10 £3.75.


National Animal Welfare Trust  Pack of 10 £2.99.


Battersea Dogs and Cats Home  Pack of 10 £4.75.


Wood Green  £3.99 per pack.  There’s no info regarding how many cards in this particular pack, but other packs of Wood Green cards at the same price contain 10 cards.


PDSA  Pack of 10 £4.99.


And finally, The Mayhew Animal Home have this Bumper Christmas Bundle, containing three packs of 10 Christmas cards and one pack of wrapping paper, for £10.00.


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  1. Yorkshire Cat Rescue – there are 10 cards of one design in each pack. Sorry for omission, description now amended. Thank you for featuring them. (We have others, cheaper, on eBay).

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