Cat Crib Discount!

cat crib uk from oz and mr curious

Good news for UK cats and their humans: online pet boutique, Oz and Mr Curious, currently have the Cat Crib on sale at the discounted price of £22.49!  (This 10% discount will run for about a month.)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Cat Crib, it’s an innovative product from the US which fits easily under most chairs and small tables to provide your cat with a cosy hammock.  As it makes use of the ‘dead space’ underneath furniture, the Cat Crib acts as a space-saving device too.

Oz and Mr Curious have kindly sent a Cat Crib for the HQ Cats and myself to review, and we’re all big fans of the product.  I like it as it’s easy-peasy to fit in place, it’s machine washable, it looks great, and you don’t have to move it out of the way to clean the floor.  But the HQ cats don’t give a stuff about any of that – they just love it as it’s super-comfy.  The new snooze-facilitator has received a unanimous paws-up; in fact, it became an instant cat magnet!

Martha’s very much an outdoors kinda girl, only popping back inside at mealtimes (and at night, when I spoil all her fun by shutting her in).  I fitted the Cat Crib in place immediately after Cat Breakfast Time, and once she’d tried it out she decided to stay put for most of the day – despite the fact that the open back door was only a few feet away, and the garden was overrun with noisy starlings!

Here she is looking a bit cheesed-off as some idiot was taking photos of her while she was trying to have a decent kip.

cat crib uk from oz and mr curious

(I chose the black Cat Crib, but it’s also available in purple and brown.)

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