Cat Handbag by Ella Goodwin


The Cat Ears Bag is part of a new range of wooden-handled creature handbags by the multi-talented designer/illustrator/dressmaker, Ella Goodwin.

The grey cotton bag has a zingy turquoise lining, and fastens with an oak veneer heart, which also forms the cat’s nose.  The two pockets on the bag front are finished with turquoise trim and a hand stitched detail.  And – how about this for a nifty design touch – when the bag is closed, the bottom edge of the pockets form the cat’s eyes.  Nice!catbag3The cute cats’ ears bag handles have been laser cut from oak veneer, which is 6mm thick so will be nice and comfy to hold.

Measurements: whole bag with handles – 28cm x 28cm; ears/handles – 28cm x 10cm.

The Cat Ears Bag is available from Ella Goodwin’s Etsy shop for £65.00 (Sindy isn’t included – she’s just there to give an idea of scale).  Check out the rest of Ella’s shop too – it’s an absolute treasure trove of cat goodies!

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  1. that is soooooooo cute!!

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