Cat Lamps

These cat lamps certainly have plenty of kitsch-appeal.  They are produced by German company, Heico, and are made in a secret factory in the heart of Germany by dwarves and Elvis – check out their website if you don’t believe me!

All Heico lamps are made from moulded heat-resistant plastic (so have no visible seams), and are hand-finished – presumably by Mr Presley and his supernatural friends.

The cat lamps stand at 39cm tall, and produce a soft, ambient light.  They are available from UK company Good Gracious for £54.99 (inc p&p in the UK).

(PS: If you’re a fan of all things kitsch, the Good Gracious website is well worth a look – there’s loads of fabulous stuff on there.)

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  1. I think you mean made by ELVES, not made by ELVIS

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