Probably the Best Cat Mug I’ve Ever Seen, by Amy Fenton for Arthouse Meath


It’s harder than you think to find a decent cat mug, as most designs seem to fall into the twee and irredeemably naff category.  So I was delighted when Arthouse Meath tweeted me a photo of their new Cats Mug – which (if memory serves me correctly!), is the best cat mug I’ve ever seen.

The Cats Mug features a design by Amy Fenton.  (The same design is also available on these notebooks and tea towels that I featured on Cool for Cats UK earlier this year.)  I’m a huge fan of Amy’s cat drawings – they are so beautifully quirky, and the personality of each individual cat really shines through.

The Cats Mug is made from dishwasher-safe bone china and measures 8cm diameter x 9cm high (the ideal size for tea, in my opinion).  Available from Arthouse Meath for £8.99.

All the images on Arthouse Meath products are created by adults living with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties.  For more info on Arthouse Meath, check out their About Page.

6 responses to “Probably the Best Cat Mug I’ve Ever Seen, by Amy Fenton for Arthouse Meath

  1. One of the proudest moments in my life. Amy Fenton is my daughter and has an extraordinary relationship with cats. Our own cat, Jenny, is afraid of people picking her up and Amy always respects that and pats her. Whenever Amy comes home for a weekend our cat is waiting for her and has a relationship with Amy that nobody else can even imagine; our timid cat becomes an extrovert when Amy is at home!

    • Hi Jill

      Thanks very much for your comment. It sounds like Amy has a wonderful relationship with your cat. I think that’s why Amy’s cat drawings are so amazing: she really understands cats, and this brings her illustrations to life. I bought one of Amy’s cat mugs the other week and it brings a smile to my face every time I use it. Please pass my compliments on to the artist!

      Kathy x

      • I will of course. I have an Amy cat mug too which I adore. Have you seen this link? We will be taking Amy there for her birthday, it will be heaven for her! Kind regards, Jill
        PS: I love your website and have added it to my favourites … another cat lover!

        • Thanks, Jill! Yes, I’m eagerly awaiting the opening of Lady Dinah’s, and I’m hoping to take my Mum there for Mother’s Day. I think being a cat lady must be hereditary!

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