Cat Safety Collars by Mog’s Togs

Mog’s Togs collars are the perfect accessory for the fashion-conscious feline who likes to stand out from the crowd.  Designed and handmade by Rachel Jinks, each collar is fitted with an all-important safety buckle, which will open under pressure.  (Elasticated collars which fasten using standard buckles can cause horrific injuries – Google ‘cat collar wounds’ if you’d like to find out more, but be prepared for some gruesome photos!)

I’m a big fan of Rachel’s collars and first featured Mog’s Togs on Cool For Cats UK a few months ago; since then I’ve purchased a collar for one of my own cats, and so can reliably inform you that they are extremely well made.  The Mog’s Togs Shop carries a wide range of fabric and webbing collars, all of which are refreshingly different from what’s available on the high street, but today I’m going to focus on the collars that Rachel makes from fabric which she has designed herself.  By designing her own fabrics Rachel surmounts the problem of finding patterns small enough to be used for collar making, and also ensures that the resulting collars are unique to Mog’s Togs.

Pictured above is the London Skyline Collar, which Rachel designed to commemorate the London 2012 Olympics.  The fabric features famous London landmarks Tower Bridge, Big Ben, The London Eye, 1 Canada Square,  the BT Tower, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Gherkin.  Ideal for sporty cats, but also suitable for armchair athletes!

Rachel has thoughtfully provided for any patriotic cats out there by designing a Union Jack fabric.  How about celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, with one of these?

Readers from Canada and the US: fear not, you have been catered for too with these unique Maple Leaf and Stars and Stripes fabrics.

And Harry Potter fans will love these Wizard collars – Rachel has designed a range of fabrics in Hogwarts house colours.

I asked Rachel if she has a background in design and was somewhat suprised to discover that she’s a statistician – who has inherited her creative side from her mother.  When it comes to designing fabrics Rachel’s enthusiasm for numbers combines very well with her more artistic talents  – her mathematical brain ensures pattern repeats are perfectly positioned!

Obviously all that creativity combined with a day job keeps Rachel very busy, but, being a kind-hearted soul, she also finds time to type up her two cats’ blog for them; keyboards and paws are a notoriously tricky combination, after all.


You can follow the adventures of Lila (left) and her daughter Mia over at the Mog’s Togs Blog.

The Wizard collars are available for £7.34 from the Mog’s Togs Etsy Shop.  All other collars featured are available from the Mog’s Togs Shop for £6.95 or £7.45, depending on design.

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