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It’s the tail end of winter,  and we’re all thoroughly sick of low light levels and miserable weather.  So why not cheer yourself up – and keep warm – with a nice cat scarf?  Here’s three of the best from UK retailers, which won’t make you look like a mad cat lady, or as if you’re trying to dress like a 5-year-old.

According to the Telegraph fashion pages this Big Cat Scarf from Topshop (above and left)  ‘could be straight off the catwalk’.  If you’re concerned about taking style tips from the Telegraph – which isn’t exactly renowned for being at the cutting edge of anything – rest assured I have also seen this scarf featured on a couple fashion blogs aimed at a much younger audience!  The Big Cat Scarf is made from polyester, measures 98cm x 93cm and is available from the Topshop website for £22.


The Mono Cat Print Scarf from Oasis (above) features an all-over cute cat print, and would be perfect for everyday wear.  The scarf is 100% polyester and is available for £18 from the Oasis website.


If you’re after something slightly less conventional, there’s the Long Padded Cat Scarf (pictured above with her friend the fox) by London design company, Cleo Ferin Mercury.   Made in the UK from 100% twill silk this cat scarf is available from the company’s website for the bargain price of £52; but only while stocks last, so if you fancy one you’ll have to be quick.

I really like this, but sadly suspect I may be slightly too old to get away with wearing it.  But only by a couple of months or so, naturally.

4 responses to “Cat Scarves

  1. oh women, you are NEVER too old to “pull off” what you want to wear….you just decide to put it on and wear it with pride!!! (and at night you pull it off and are dang glad you had STYLE all day!) Go forth and purchase, almighty catladies! [=

  2. Ooh I like the Oasis one. Might have to have a look for that one!

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