Cat Wall Stickers – an easy way to revamp a room.


These wall decals, featuring an optimistic cat waiting patiently for a bird to land within striking distance, offer a simple way to instantly revamp a room.  According to the manufacturers, the vinyl stickers are easily removed without causing any damage to your walls, so would be a great way to add a personal touch to rented accommodation (but you may want to test them out somewhere inconspicuous first!).


Available from Iconic Stickers in a choice of 20 different colours and three different sizes: Small – H32cm x W55cm; Medium – H43cm x W76cm; Large – H55cm x W98cm.  The stickers can be orientated to the left or the right and are priced at £9.49 – £24.49 (inc UK delivery).

2 responses to “Cat Wall Stickers – an easy way to revamp a room.

  1. I am mixed on these, when I first read the headline I thought….UGH…but then upon viewing them, I actually think they are kinda cool!

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