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*Please* Help Cats in Need by Voting for Britain’s Cleverest Cat! (Or enter your own video & do what you like with the prize money!)

felix britains's cleverest cat 2014

Do you have a video of your cat doing a REALLY clever thing?  And maybe your friends have grown tired of you making them watch the video of your cat doing the REALLY clever thing and you yearn for a wider audience?  Well, yearn no more: popular cat food brand, Felix, are running a competition in partnership with ITV’s Saturday night behemoth, Britains Got Talent, to discover Britain’s Cleverest Cat 2014.  To enter your cat’s video you need to’ like’ the Cats Like Felix Facebook page, click on the Britain’s Cleverest Cat link at the top of the page and then follow the instructions given.  (Be patient when uploading your video – it may take a while!)

The winner of Britain’s Cleverest Cat 2014 will receive £5,000, and the two runners up will each receive £1,000.  Judging takes place in 3 stages, the first and third of which are decided by public vote (via Facebook) – so you’ll have to start pestering your beleaguered friends again.  Votes for the first stage of the competition must be in by 23:59 on 11th May 2014.

And now, my beleaguered friends, I’m afraid I’m going to pester you, for I have entered a video of a former foster cat of mine doing a REALLY clever thing.  Exceedingly loveable feline genius, Stuart, has an incredible knack for opening cupboard doors and then making off with any edible items he can get his little paws on.  Fortunately I captured the little monkey on camera (it was used as his adoption video), and now I would very much appreciate you taking a moment to vote for Stuart in the Britain’s Cleverest Cat competition.  Remember votes must be in by 23:59 on 11th May 2014!

Here’s Stuart’s video, should you wish to check it out prior to voting (if you’re reading this via email or RSS subscription you’ll probably need to click on the title link of this post in order to view the video):

Any prize money received for Stuart’s entry will be donated to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT), who rescue and rehome over 2,000 cats a year in London and the South East, in addition to providing affordable neutering and veterinary care in their two London clinics.  CHAT are a relatively small charity who aim to channel as much money as possible directly into animal care – the £1,000 runner up prize would really help out, and the £5,000 top prize would make a significant difference to the number of cats they are able to rescue and rehome.

Here’s how to vote for young Stuart – it’s a bit of a faff, so please bear with me!  First of all make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account, and then follow these steps:

Step 1CLICK ON THIS LINK,which will take you to the Britain’s Cleverest Cat Facebook page.

Step 2: Click on the ‘View the Gallery’ button.

Step 3: Enter ‘Stuart’ into the gallery search box.

Step 4: If more than one entry appears (currently my Stuart is the only Stuart!), make sure it’s the Stuart who mentions the Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

Step 5: Vote for Stuart.

Step 6: Give yourself a pat on the back for doing a good deed and feel slightly smug for the rest of the day.

If you made it through to Step 6 thank you very, very much for your time – you are now officially a Very Nice Person!

I Got Interviewed About Cat Stuff!


Lucy, who writes the blog for the splendid online cat and dog boutique, Oz & Mr Curious, has very kindly published an interview she did with me recently.  So, if you’d like to experience me wittering on about all things cat, head on over to the Oz & Mr Curious Blog.

Lucy asked for a pic of me with one of the HQ Cats, but, seeing as my lot are all so uncooperative, I could only supply a photo of me with a foster kitten.  This is the pic I use for my cat-sitting website, and I was aiming for the Trustworthy, Caring and Responsible look.  But it ended up more Bored Woman Strangles Kitten.  For the record, I would just like to state that I am not trying to strangle that kitten: she lived to see another day and was adopted, along with one of her sisters, by a very nice family in Hither Green.

Season’s Greetings from Ethel, the Ginger Cat-mas Tree!


Ethel and myself would like to wish all you lovely Cool for Cats UK readers, and your feline friends, a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful 2014.  (If you’re wondering why Ethel looks so cheesed-off, it’s because the bag of cat treats used to entice her into the box had suddenly moved outside the box!)

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads/subscribes to Cool for Cats UK – it’s very gratifying to know that I’m not alone in the quest for well-designed cat products!

I’m very busy cat-sitting at this time of year, so will be taking a short break from blogging.  Normal service resumes on 2nd January 2014, but in the meantime I’ll keep the Cool for Cats UK Facebook page updated with cat pics!

Happy Cat-mas and a purr-filled New Year!

Kathy x

Caturday Cat Pics #21 – Foster Family Update

edward and peter - foster kittens

Doris, and her sons Peter and Edward (above) have been with me for 10 weeks now.  As you can see, Peter (tabby) and Edward (black) are much bigger than last time I posted photos of them, and the whole family has settled down enough to come out of the pen they were housed in previously and be given the run of the room.

Doris (below) – aka Owl Face – is a really attentive mother who absolutely adores her two boys.  She’s only just stopped allowing them to feed from her.  And they’re 5½ months old… with big sharp teeth!  Doris’ chosen method of weaning her over-grown babies?  Vigorous bunny kicks to the head every time they tried to suckle – problem solved in less than 48 hours!

doris - aka owl face - foster cat

I’ve found out a little more about the family’s background since their last Caturday Cat Pics appearance.  Apparently Doris was given to someone as a present, who didn’t actually want a kitten, so decided the best thing to do under the circumstances would be to banish Doris to the garden, where she was fed but never interacted with.  I’m assuming that Peter and Edward were born outside in the garden, and consequently Doris and sons are semi-feral.  How they ended up dumped in a car park of a block of flats is a complete mystery.

edward - foster kitten

They may have had a semi-feral start in life, but I haven’t given up hope that they can find a home together as domestic cats.  They’ve all come an awful long way since their arrival here, and are now pretty confident around me.  No one actually likes being stroked yet, but no one runs under the furniture when I enter the room either, and the boys are happy to settle down on my lap for a snooze.   The whole family really enjoy playing games with me, and they all love being hand-fed cat biscuits.  In fact Biscuit Time usually turns into a rugby scrum – with me at the bottom of the pile!

peter - foster kitten

This week we reached a major milestone, and finally broke through the purr barrier.  Hooray!!  My money was on young Peter to be the first one to crack, but mum Doris beat him to it.  She’s purred twice in as many days – once when being hand fed biscuits, and again while playing The Stick Game.

doris & peter - foster mum & kitten

So, here’s hoping that the boys will follow mum’s lead, and next time round I’ll be able to report on a full set of purrs!

Caturday Cat Pics #20

We haven’t had a Caturday Cat Pics for a while, so rather than risk boring the pants off you with loads of photos in one hit, I thought the HQ Cats could have their turn in the spotlight this week, and the fosters can have a go next Saturday.

Alfie and his sister, Ethel, are three this month.  I’ve chosen the 24th as their official birthday (they neither know nor care about the date), so decided a birthday photo shoot would be in order on Tuesday.  Alfie would not be persuaded to return from next door’s garden (too many flies needed chasing); as a result of her brother’s uncooperative behaviour Ethel gets both birthday pictures!

Cheer up, Ethel: you’ve just turned three, not forty!


OK then, I’ll settle for ‘wistful’.


Martha had a lovely dirt bath – although all that rolling around proved to be quite tiring!


There was an indisputable champion in the Queen of the Castle contest.


But, with power comes great responsibility – swiftly followed by self-doubt and a creeping sense of anxiety, in Ida‘s case.


Feral Beryl went off to the vet’s for some minor dental work and a general check-up this week.  She came home with sparkling teeth and a clean bill of health; I’m now on a course of industrial-strength antibiotics due to multiple bite wounds.  Not Beryl’s fault: she absolutely detests being picked up (she is feral, after all!), and also, as I discovered, doesn’t have a scruff reflex (most cats will become motionless for at least a couple of seconds when lifted by the loose skin on their neck/shoulder area).  I made another discovery that day: it turns out that I’m not strong enough to keep a sufficiently firm grip on a furious scruffed cat in order to prevent said cat from biting me – doh!  Two valuable lessons learned!  I’m pleased to report that Beryl has very kindly forgiven my errors of judgement and we are now the best of friends again.

(‘Scuse grubby fingers – I’d been gardening!)


Caturday Cat Pics #19 – New Foster Family!

cat foster family

Meet Foster Cats No’s 24 – 26, more affectionately known as Doris, Edward and Peter.  Doris and her 12-week-old sons Edward (black) and Peter (tabby) were rescued by the Celia Hammond Animal Trust from a car park behind a block of flats in South London.  Another small group of cats had been rescued from the same location a few days previously; sadly this group included a kitten with a broken leg.  A dead kitten was also found at the scene.


No one knows for sure how these cats ended up in the car park, but it’s most likely that they were dumped there.  A kind resident of the block of flats had been leaving food and water out for the homeless cats and kittens, but other residents objected to their presence and were removing the food and water and chasing the cats away.


We’ll never know what Doris and sons went through prior to being rescued, but whatever it was has left them absolutely traumatised.  They were so utterly exhausted and shell-shocked that they barely moved for the first few days they were here; toys remained untouched and bedding completely unruffled.  When you consider how lively a pair of 12-week-old kittens should be, it really puts the extent of the family’s trauma into perspective.  Edward and Peter just didn’t seem to know how to play, and poor Doris was permanently rigid with fear.


The family has been here for eight days now, and I’m pleased to report that they’re making progress.  Yesterday evening Edward and Peter were coaxed into a game with a feather stick, and this morning their bedding was all over the place and the water bowl had been upturned – a sign that they’d probably been wrestling each other overnight.  So it looks as if the two boys have learned how to play!  Doris (pictured above) no longer tries to hide behind her sons when I enter the room, and is now either sprawled out relaxing, or right at the front of the pen waiting for some food.  She’s also started to tolerate being stroked, and even stuck her head forward for a chin rub today!  No purrs yet, but I suspect she’s been on the verge a couple of times.


This family of three have got quite a long way to go before they can learn to trust us humans, but they’ve make good progress in the last eight days, and I’m confident that they’ll be ready for their forever home in a few weeks.  So far young Peter is proving to be the bravest member of the family – even though he’s the smallest!


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