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The MIA Cat House – the Stylish Alternative to the Cardboard Box


The multifunctional MIA, by Polish designers, myKotty, is a stylish variation on every cat’s favourite, the traditional cardboard box.  It doubles up as a den and a perch, and, when combined with the MIA Cardboard Mat (which fits neatly inside), becomes a scratcher too.

mia-cardboard-scratch-matThe MIA is fully reversible, and can be easily slotted together with either the white or natural side facing out – both would look great in any modern interior.



The MIA scores top feline design marks for its two entrance/exit holes -  an alternative escape route is an important feature in multi-cat households, where the dastardly practice of ambushing can be an issue.


The MIA is available in the UK from Specially 4 Cats for £18.95.  Measurements: H48cm x D58cm x W57cm.  Specially 4 Cats also stock the MIA Cardboard Scratch Mat, available for £3.95.

Smug Tabby Cat Eco-friendly Mousemat Helps Animals in Need!

tabby cat eco-friendly mousemat

This tabby cat has a right to look smug: not only is he very handsome, he also adorns an eco-friendly mousemat sold in aid of the UK’s largest animal rights group, Animal Aid.

animal aid logo

Animal Aid was founded in 1977 and campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse as well as promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle.  The group investigates and exposes animal cruelty, bringing these important issues to public attention.

The Eco-friendly Mousemat, made from 22 recycled vending cups and measuring 24cm x 19cm, is available for a very reasonable £4.25 from the Animal Aid Ethical Shop.

A Selection of Cute & Kitsch Cat Buttons for Crafty Types

wooden tiger cat face buttons from the eternal maker

Here’s a selection of cat buttons for all you sewists, knitters and hookers (I mean that in the crochet sense of the word).  Or maybe (like me) you rarely have cause to buy new buttons, but can’t stop looking at haberdashery on the interweb.  Incidentally, don’t worry if you fall into the latter category – it’s a faintly odd but essentially harmless obsession.

(Top) Wooden Tiger Cat Face Button20mm x 15mm.  Available from The Eternal Maker at 60p per button.

Also from The Eternal Maker: (Left) Wooden Cat Face Button30mm.  Priced at £3.00 per button.  (Right) Black Cat Silhoutte Button30mm.  Priced at £2.00 per button.

wooden cat buttons from the eternal maker

Cute Cat Buttons from Always Knitting & Sewing.  Available as packs of ten in single colours for £1.50 per pack.

cat buttons - assorted colours

Round Cat Buttons15mm from Wool Warehouse.  Available in packs of four for £1.89 per pack.  Also available as 12.5mm buttons – £1.89 per pack of five.

kitten/cat buttons

Black/White Cat Silhouette Buttons from Craft Fairy.  Available in packs of ten (containing five of each colour) for £2.00 per pack.

black/white silhoutte cat buttons


Affordable Bathroom Litter Tray Cupboard!


The Bathroom Litter Tray Cupboard is a nifty way to disguise the fact that you and your cat both have reason to visit the smallest room, which makes good use of ‘dead’ space underneath the sink.  The white tongue-and-groove style exterior of the mdf cupboard will blend well with most bathroom decors, and the interior is large enough to accommodate a 50cm litter tray plus scoop.  Both doors open fully for easy cleaning, and are latched with a push-catch mechanism.


Alas, the Bathroom Litter Tray Cupboard isn’t suitable for pedestal-mounted sinks, which I suspect means that most of us will just have to look at the photos and sigh wistfully.  But if you happen to have a wall-mounted sink you’re in luck, as the Bathroom Litter Tray Cupboard is currently available from ZooplusUK for £49.99.

Exterior measurements: L61.2cm x  W45.9cm x H56.2cm.

Affordable Modern Cat Tree Made from Natural Materials

scorched wood cat tree from zooplusuk - affordable modern cat tree made from natural materials

Now here’s something you don’t see every day: a medium-large cat tree which is easy on the human eye, has plenty to offer our finicky feline friends, and which won’t break the bank.

scorched wood cat tree from zooplusuk - affordable modern cat tree made from natural materials

The Scorched Wood Cat Tree from ZooplusUK is made from top-quality natural materials.  The sturdy wooden base and posts ensure the tree is stable enough to remain standing during energetic play sessions, and the raised water hyacinth baskets and den provide opportunities for hiding and spying (both of which feature in the top ten of All Time Favourite Cat Hobbies).  Sections of the posts are covered in 10mm sisal rope, which will withstand a lot of scratching – good news for your cat and your armchairs/sofas/wallpaper etc.  I also like the way the sisal is positioned at different heights to suit various sizes of cat and accommodate different preferences for scratching positions.

scorched wood cat tree from zooplusuk - affordable modern cat tree made from natural materials

Measurements: H139cm x L58cm x W58cm

Available from ZooplusUK for £99.90.

Cool Cat Tees from These Folk

cat t-shirt by these folk

Independent UK fashion label, These Folk, have a love for all things feline which has inspired these three great cat t-shirts.

The unashamedly kitsch, but nevertheless informative Copious Cats (above) available in white or grey, in Small, Medium and Large for £20.00.  The Copious Cats design is also available as a tank and a sweatshirt.

The never-a-truer-word-spoken Crafty Cat, available in white or grey, in Small, Medium and Large for £20.00.

cat t-shirt by these folk

My personal favourite: Catnatomy, available in white or grey, in Small, Medium and Large for £20.00.

cat t-shirt by these folk


Or, if you’re after something a little more feminine, the Cat Print Tee will do very nicely thank you.  Available in Small, Medium and Large for £39.99.

cat t-shirt by these folk

(Via six out of ten)

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