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Exciting New Cardboard Cat Furniture from 3 Fat Cats

modern cardboard cat furniture from 3 fat cats - available in the UK

Great news for the UK’s cats: new company, 3 Fat Cats, are about to start selling an exciting new range of cardboard cat furniture here in the UK!

Top: Fat Cat Stool/Play Den

Fat Cat Lounger

modern cardboard cat furniture from 3 fat cats - available in the UK

3 Fat Cats is the brainchild of Kim Manners.  Kim aims to provide the UK’s cat lovers with attractive, eco-friendly cardboard cat furniture at an affordable price – which I very much like the sound of, as I love a bargain as I much as I love cardboard cat furniture.

Fat Cat Recliner

modern cardboard cat furniture from 3 fat cats - available in the UK

The 3 Fat Cats range of products will be going on sale at the end of September.  Initially stocks will be limited; but, if you’ve seen anything that tickles your fancy, you can click on the order enquiry button on the 3 Fat Cats Products page and leave a message – this will guarantee you the opportunity to purchase the object of your desires when it becomes available.  If you register an interest in a product which is over-subscribed you’ll receive an email to let you know when it will next be available.

Fat Cat Chaise Lounge

modern cardboard cat furniture from 3 fat cats - available in the UK

Prices range from £9.99£24.99.

Here are two of Kim’s Cats Protection Lanarkshire rescue cats enjoying some product samples.

Rocky getting stuck into the Fat Cat Activity Scratch with Ball

modern cardboard cat furniture from 3 fat cats - available in the UK

…and the Fat Cat Rocking Chair

modern cardboard cat furniture from 3 fat cats - available in the UK

…and Milly putting the Fat Cat Chaise Lounge through its paces.

modern cardboard cat furniture from 3 fat cats - available in the UK

Handsome Slate Cat Feeding Mats by Pets Made Personal

slate cat feeding mat - modern cat feeding mat by pets made personal

I tend to find the majority of cat feeding mats fall into two categories: tacky or twee.  Not so these handsome slate numbers from Pets Made Personal, which will make an attractive addition to the kitchen floor, and can also be personalised with your cat’s name .

slate cat feeding mat - modern cat feeding mat by pets made personal

The slate feeding mats are available in three designs and two sizes:

Cat Head Large (48cm x 26cm) £35.00; Cat Head Small  (34.5cm x 18.5cm£25.00.

Rectangular (35cm x 25cm) £20.00.

slate cat feeding mat - modern cat feeding mat by pets made personal

Fish Large (38cm x 39cm) £35.00Fish Small (28cm x 25cm) £25.00.

The slate mats can be personalised with your cat’s name for an extra £10.00.  There’s a choice of two fonts, and a handy preview feature so you can get an idea of how your mat will look before you order.  All mats are made from 4mm thick riven slate, have non-slip rubber feet and are treated with a food-safe oil finish.

Pets Made Personal also make acrylic feeding mats – probably a safer choice for those of us with clumsy tendencies.

acryic cat feeding mat - modern cat feeding mat by pets made personal

The mats are made from 2mm clear acrylic, with a choice of 14 different backing colours.  These mats can also be personalised, with either black or white text and an option of five emblem designs.

Acrylic Feeding Mat (48cm x 33cm) £35.00.  As far as I can make out the price is the same for personalised and non-personalised versions of this mat.

Pets Made Personal feeding mats are handcrafted, so please allow 5 – 7 days for delivery.

The rest of the Pets Made Personal Cat Range is worth a look too – I particularly like the tweed Cat Cushions.

Poopoopeedo – Super-stylish Modern Litter Box Now Available in the UK!


Good new for fans of stylish litter boxes: La Poopoopeedo, by French company, Sin Design, is now on sale here in the UK!  Specially 4 Cats have La Poopoopeedo available in Black and White for £74.95 (inc UK delivery).


For more details on the marvellously named Poopoopeedo, you can check out this post I wrote back in March. But in a nutshell: La Poopoopeedo is a super-sleek, egg-shaped litter box, made from very durable plastic, which has an alternative use as a cat den, and can even be used as a year-round outdoor cat shelter – providing you cover the holes in the lid to keep the rain out.


I’m definitely adding a Poopoopeedo to my wishlist…  just need to decide whether to have it indoors as a litter box or outside as a cat shelter.

Purrrfect Pieces Wall-mounted Scratch Posts

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

I think wall-mounted scratch posts are brilliant.  Cats love to combine a good scratch with a good stretch, and also enjoy shinning up vertical surfaces; and a wall-mounted scratch post will provide your cat with somewhere other than your soft furnishings to express these natural behaviours.  Plus, these scratch posts don’t require a large, heavy base for stability so won’t waste valuable floor space.

The trouble is, I’ve never been able to find a decent wall-mounted scratch post available in the UK…  Until now!  So, without further ado, I’m very pleased to be able to introduce you to Purrrfect Pieces and their range of WALL MOUNTED SCRATCH POSTS!

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

Purrrfect Pieces is the brain child of Rebecca Alexander, who makes each scratch post herself by hand, using high-quality materials.  Naturally, Rebecca’s rescue cat, Ollie, is a big fan of her scratch posts and is more than happy to volunteer his services as the Purrrfect Pieces in-house model.


The sisal-wrapped scratch posts are available in modular 1 metre sections, which can be configured to suit your cat’s requirements.  Ollie favours a 2 metre combo; but, if your cat loves to climb, you needn’t stop at 2 metres – the sky’s your limit (oh, all right – the ceiling’s your limit).

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

Purrrfect Pieces posts are approximately 12cm in diameter, and are covered in 6mm sisal rope with a sisal rope cap at either end.  Each 1 metre section is fixed to the wall using two upvc brackets.  All materials used are EU certified.

The Purrfect Pieces 1 Metre Wall Mounted Scratch Post is available for £54.99, and the 2 Metre Wall Mounted Scratch Post for £109.00.  Prices include UK delivery.  Posts are made to order, so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Rebecca also makes an outdoor version of her post (with a waterproof inner tube), and a slimline version for people who don’t have room for the standard post – you can contact her via the Purrrfect Pieces website for details.

Herbal Remedy Toys for Feline Emotional Issues


We’re all familiar with catnip and the effect it has on some of our feline friends, but the idea of using herbs to help cats with emotional issues is perhaps not so familiar to most of us.

The Alley Katz range of herbal toys, containing mood-improving herbal remedies for cats, is by natural therapist, George McBurney.  George has studied zoopharmacognosy* and essential oil therapy for animals, and now works together with sewist, Tracy Sherman, to produce these cute therapeutic felt fish.

* (Me neither – it’s the study of behaviour in which non-human animals apparently self-medicate by selecting and ingesting or topically applying plants, soil, insects and psychoactive drugs to treat or prevent disease.  So now you know what it means, but I bet you still can’t pronounce it!)

The fish are available for £6.50 each, and measure 12cm x 6cm.

So what exactly are these herbal toys supposed to do for your cat?


1. Black – Catnip; no explanation needed here.

2. Blue – Yarrow; for cats who are over-sensitive.

3. Yellow – Chamomile; for cats who are anxious or suffer from tension.

4. Red – Rose; for cats who have suffered past trauma, need nurturing or need to release anger and resentment.


1. Pink – Jasmine; to calm and comfort cats deprived of affection.

2. Purple – Lavender; for cats who are nervous and anxious.

3. Grey – Comfrey; for bone, ligament or tendon repair.

4. Orange – Lemon Citrus Herbs; uplifting and aids concentration in cats.


1 Green – Peppermint; for cats who lack confidence, or often find themselves bored or lethargic.

2 Cyan – Seaweed; for cleansing the mind, body and soul and giving cats a sense of peace.

3 Cream – Angelica root; for rescue cats who may have deeply held emotions.

4 Brown – Valerian; for calming aggressive cats and helping them to focus.


While I find this range of toys an interesting concept, I have to say that I’m pretty sceptical as to any benefits our cats may actually derive from them.  I think the majority of benefits reported by humans who use herbal remedies are down to the placebo effect, and placebos just don’t cut the mustard where cats are concerned.  Anthropomorphic phrases such as ‘For cats who need to release anger and resentment’ also bother me, as I’m wary of ascribing human emotions to our feline companions; regarding cats as little hairy people can lead to unrealistic expectations for the human/cat relationship, resulting in disappointed humans and misunderstood cats.

But, as anyone who knows me will readily confirm, I am a cynical old bastard.  But not a dogmatic cynical old bastard, so if anyone reading this has had positive results from using any of the above herbal remedies to help cats with emotional issues, please leave a comment below and tell me all about it.  I promise to keep an open mind!.


40% Discount for July’s Cat Hampurr – a Subscription Box Filled With Quality Cat Goodies!

cat-hampurr-mayCat Hampurr is a monthly subscription box service for the UK’s cats.  Each box contains a selection of 4 – 6 high qualitiy goodies your cat will most definitely approve of.  The contents of the boxes are a closely guarded secret, to ensure a nice surprise on delivery; but as you can see from the above pic of June’s Cat Hampurr, the boxes contain a nice mix of cat-tastic products.

If your cat has been reading this over your shoulder, and helpfully fetched your debit card, scratched the word PayPal into the litter tray, or is maybe just using the classic I-really-really-need-this stare to get you to sign up for a monthly delivery of feline delights, you’re in luck: the lovely people at Cat Hampurr have given Cool for Cats UK readers who sign up for a subscription a whopping 40% discount on their first box.  This means you’ll get your first box for £9.57.  (Following your initial discount you’ll be billed a recurring fee of £11.95 + £3.95 each month; subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.)

To claim your 40% discount, simply click on THIS LINK, and you’ll find yourself on the Cat Hampurr order form with the discount code already in place for you.

NB: This code is only valid until midnight on Friday 4th July – so best get a wriggle on if you want to nab your cat a bargain!

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