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Super-stylish & Robust Cardboard Scratcher/Lounger Combos by myKotty

lui modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by myKotty - white

If you’re looking for some robust yet stylish cardboard cat furniture, these scratch/lounger combos, from Polish company myKotty, will be right up your street.  The simple design and sleek curves of the LUI (above) and its smaller cousin, the VIGO, will blend seamlessly into modern interiors, and both pieces are reversible, so will be very durable too.

vigo modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by mykotty - natural

lui modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by myKotty - natural

Both the LUI and the VIGO have a large scratching surface for your cat to really get their claws into, and also double up as a raised lounger – which will come in handy for a good snooze after all that exertion.

lui modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by myKotty - black

vigo modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by mykotty - black

The LUI and the VIGO have three colour options – black, white and natural cardboard.  Measurements: LUI – L75cm x H26cm x xW26cm; VIGO – L71cm x H21cm x W23cm.

vigo modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by mykotty - white

These modern scratcher/loungers are available in the UK from Specially4Cats, priced at £39.90 for the LUI and £37.90 for the VIGO (prices include free UK delivery).

Winner of The Scoop by K-Kat!


Congratulations, Rebecca C, you’ve won The Scoop!  I’m sure from now on litter tray duty will be a pleasure rather than a chore.  (That may be a slight exaggeration, but scooping will certainly take up less of your time!)

If you weren’t lucky enough to win, but would still like to get your hands on the Rolls Royce of litter scoops, The Scoop is available from The Pet Business for £14.99.

Cardboard Cat Scratching Post by Kitty City – It’s a Bit of a Bargain!

cardboard scratching post by kitty city

There are plenty of horizontal cardboard cat scratchers around these days – which is good news for cats, who are all members of the Cardboard Fan Club; and good news for eco-conscious humans, who all like the fact that cardboard is 100% recyclable.  However, if your cat is a vertical claw sharpening devotee, any horizontal scratch furniture you kindly provide will be shunned and the war of attrition on your sofa/armchair/wallpaper etc. will continue unabated.

Vertical cardboard scratchers still seem hard to come by – particularly at the budget-friendly end of the cat furniture market.  Which is why I was very pleased to discover the Kitty City Corrugated Scratching Post currently on sale for just £9.99 at Pet Planet.  In fact I was so pleased that I bought one.   And it’s a very good product: the post is a decent height (52cm), and the (30cm x 30cm) base is pretty stable – so this scratcher would be fine for larger cats.  Plus, the post can be replaced with a £4.99 refill once it’s worn out – which will take a reasonable amount of time as you can rotate the pieces,  so when one section of the post gets a bit tired you can turn it round and your cat can have a go at a fresh piece.

cardboard scratching post by kitty city

Design-wise this scratching post is neutral enough to fit in anywhere, and you can also change the look of the post quite dramatically, depending on how you arrange the cardboard pieces.  I started off with a conventional square post, but, following an incident with the hoover flex, I now have a more interesting helix thing going on.

I’m afraid I don’t have any pics of the one I bought in use, so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that the Kitty City scratching post has been a big hit with the natives round these parts.  Especially with Beryl.  And only the very brave or the very foolish would argue with Beryl.

Giveaway – Win the Litter Scoop that Changed My Life!


The Scoop may not seem like a particularly exciting giveaway prize, but what it lacks in the thrills department is more than made up for with its impressively practical design.  The Scoop is by the US company, K-Kat, but is available here in the UK from The Pet Business – an online retailer who specialise in high-quality, innovative pet products which represent good value for money.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment at the end of this post.

Boring but necessary giveaway rules:   Entries must be in before midnight on 31st March 2014.  Only one entry per person, please!  The winner will be selected by a random electronic draw on 01/04/14 and notified by email.  The winner will receive one K-Kat The Scoop cat litter scoop.  Prize must be claimed within 14 days of notification by email, otherwise a new winner will be selected. Sorry, but this giveaway is only open to addresses within the UK!

The Scoop was designed by Ted Glover, who, along with his wife Marie, runs Tabby Town USA – a no-kill rescue shelter in the States.  Ted designed The Scoop for use in multi-cat households and rescue centres – where multiple litter trays need scooping as quickly as possible.  When used in conjunction with clumping cat litter, The Scoop aims to significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to remove clumps and other feline downloads from a litter tray.

Here’s a short video to give you an idea of how The Scoop differs from other scoops on the market.  (If you’re reading this by email or other subscription service you may have to click on the post title to view the video.)

But does The Scoop fulfill its brief?  In a word, yes.  I can say this with confidence as The Pet Business kindly sent me a Scoop to try out.  I’ve been using it for around a month now and it’s noticeably reduced the amount of time I spend scooping trays – it really has changed my life!  It may seem strange for me to be so excited by a litter scoop, so please allow me to contextualise my enthusiasm: I live in a one-bed flat along with five cats and five litter trays, and in order to keep the cats happy (and to provide a smell-free environment for myself!) I scoop each tray three or four times daily – which adds up to a not-insignificant amount of time spent sifting for clumps.

It took me a couple of days to get used to The Scoop, but once I’d adapted my scooping technique to take advantage of the large, deep collection basket I was whizzing through the 5-tray-scoop in no time!  I use  Ökoplus, a wood-based litter, but I imagine The Scoop would be fantastic for clay-based litters too – particularly for scraping off those annoying clumps which set like cement to the bottom of the tray.

If you have arthritic hands The Scoop may not be great for you as the metal handle can feel pretty cold to the touch and may prove painful to hold, but otherwise it would be a very useful addition to anyone’s litter tray kit – even if you’re just cleaning up after the one cat it would cut down on your face-in-tray time; which can never be a bad thing!

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Le Poopoopeedo – Super-stylish Modern Litter Box

le poopoopeedo in orange - stylish modern litter box by sindesign

How about this for a super-stylish modern litter box?  Pretty impressive, eh?  Le Poopoopeedo (possibly the best product name ever?) is by French company SinDesign, and has been designed by David Frering, a cat lover inspired by the ‘universally beautiful’ trend.


The innovative design of the Le Poopoopeedo cleverly belies the fact that within its sleek, curved exterior lurks a not-so-glamorous cat crap house – indeed, you may not even notice it was a litter box at all unless you put your face right up to the entrance hole (don’t do that though – not very hygienic).

le poopoopeedo in liquorice - stylish modern litter box by sindesign

Le Poopoopeedo has also been designed with functionality in mind: the lid is easily removed when you need to scoop by using the paw print shaped cut out in the top, but will remain securely in place while your cat is rummaging around inside; plus the entrance hole is situated at a sufficient height to cut down on the volume of litter an enthusiastic digger can manage to scatter outside the box.  And of course, the ergonomically-shaped scoop slots nicely inside the lid.

le poopoopeedo in apple and coconut - stylish modern litter box by sindesign

Durability has also been taken into account, and Le Poopoopeedo is made from 4mm thick ABS plastic, which is resistant to cat urine while also being 100% recyclable.

le poopoopeedo in strawberry - stylish modern litter box by sindesign

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Le Poopoopeedo has an alternative use as a cosy cat den.  I think the simple, organic shape would work really well in the garden or on the patio as an outdoor cat shelter, so I checked with SinDesign to see if the plastic they use in construction is sufficiently robust to withstand year-round exposure to the elements.  They said it is, but you would need to cover the paw print holes in the lid to avoid your cat getting a soaking every time it rained!

le poopoopeedo in coconut - stylish modern cat shelter by sindesign

Le Poopoopeedo is available in five colours, and comes with a litter scoop and an anti-smell tablet (me neither).  Measurements: 70cm x 40cm x 40cm; entrance hole – 18cm x 21cm.

SinDesign are currently in the process of securing UK distributors for Le Poopoopeedo (stay tuned for updates on this).  But if you just can’t wait, you can order direct from SinDesign for €79 (approx £66.00 at current exchange rates).  You’ll need to ask about shipping rates to the UK when you order.

Thanks to SinDesign for allowing use of their customer photos to illustrate this post!  Check out the SinDesign Facebook page for more great pics.

Personalised Cat Safety Collar Giveaway Winners!

personalised cat safety collars from kitty collars

Congratulations to: Vicky B, Nicola C, Silvia Z, Emma R and Polly H – you’ve all won a Personalised Cat Collar from Kitty Collars. Here’s hoping your collective cats will be impressed with their new collars, and eternally grateful to you for entering the giveaway on their behalf.  (Please keep an eye out for an email from me.)

If you weren’t lucky enough to win but would still like to get your paws on one of these fantastic safety collars, the Personalised Cat Collar is available from Kitty Collars for £8.99.

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