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Poopoopeedo – Super-stylish Modern Litter Box Now Available in the UK!


Good new for fans of stylish litter boxes: La Poopoopeedo, by French company, Sin Design, is now on sale here in the UK!  Specially 4 Cats have La Poopoopeedo available in Black and White for £74.95 (inc UK delivery).


For more details on the marvellously named Poopoopeedo, you can check out this post I wrote back in March. But in a nutshell: La Poopoopeedo is a super-sleek, egg-shaped litter box, made from very durable plastic, which has an alternative use as a cat den, and can even be used as a year-round outdoor cat shelter – providing you cover the holes in the lid to keep the rain out.


I’m definitely adding a Poopoopeedo to my wishlist…  just need to decide whether to have it indoors as a litter box or outside as a cat shelter.

The Cat Collection by Sophie Allport – Beautiful Cat-inspired Homeware


British designer Sophie Allport has just launched her Cat Collection, which features black cats and white fish bones on a dark olive background.  The collection includes loads of lovely homeware items, a few bits and bobs of stationery and also fabric by the metre.




Prices are pretty reasonable, starting at £6 for a Cat Tea Towel, and the rather dinky Cat Egg Cosy.


The Cat Collection range is very comprehensive – 30 pieces in total – and I’ve been trying to decide which items I like best.  After much deliberation I’ve awarded the Cat Ironing Board Cover (£18.00) and the Cat Carrier Bag Holder (£8.00) the dubious honour of being My Favourites.


Not the most glamorous of objects, I know, but undeniably practical; and just you try finding alternative attractive cat versions of said objects.  It’s impossible, I tell you.  Impossible!

Handsome Modern Cat Bed That Won’t Break the Bank!


Here’s a modern cat bed that looks good and won’t break the bank.  This bamboo bed will provide your cat with a cosy, elevated spot for a snooze, and the neutral brown/beige colour scheme will blend with most interiors.  (Although I think I’d have to make a new cover for the cushion, as I’m beige-phobic and it could bring on one of my turns.)


Measurements: Frame H23cm Diameter 48cm; Cushion: Diameter 48cm (cushion is machine washable).

The Atmosphere Pet Chair is available from ZooplusUK for £32.90.  (If you click over to the ZooplusUK site, check out the customer photos for this product – there’s a very funny pic of an enormous French cat called Floyd, who’s not letting the fact that he’s way too fat to fit in his Pet Chair get in the way of a decent sleeping session!)

Cat and Mouse T-shirts by Banksy


I love this Cat and Mouse design by British graffiti artist, Banksy.  The naughty cat, who appears to be ‘helping’ a caped mouse to fly, features on a number of products, including a women’s tee and tote (above) and a men’s tee and unisex long-sleeved shirt (below).


These products are available in a range of colours and sizes. Prices from £4.99£19.99.  Available from Tribal T Shirts.

Affordable Cat Shelves Available in the UK!


Well, goodness me!  The day has finally arrived and the unthinkable actually happened – affordable cat shelves are now available to buy in the UK!  I can’t tell you how exciting this is for a cat product nerd such as myself; I can barely remember how to type I’m so overwhelmed.

The White Cat Wall Mounted Bed features a cat silhouette in a choice of sitting or standing positions, and will provide your cat with a cosy, elevated sleeping platform – something every self-respecting feline on the planet aspires to.

The shelves and silhouettes are made from white varnished plywood – the silhouettes are varnished on both sides, so can be fixed to the wall facing in either direction.  The plush bed can be easily removed and machine washed (it’s held in place with velcro strips).

The White Cat Wall Mounted Bed is available from ZooplusUK for £19.90.  (ZooplusUK describe these items as ‘B-Stock’, and state that they may have slight imperfections.)

Click on the link above for details of measurements and tips on wall attachment; and also check out the customer photo  – it gives a better idea of what these shelves actually look like than the Zooplus product pics I’ve shown you here.

20% Discount Code for B-toilet Litter Tray Hider by Binq Design!

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

Binq Design have just launched the latest product in their range of high-quality modern cat furniture: the b-toilet litter tray hider.  And guess what?  They’re giving Cool for Cats UK readers a 20% discount!  To claim your discount, enter the code COOL20%UK2013 at the Binq Design checkout.  (This code is valid until 26 July 2013.)

The b-toilet is a sleek, contemporary cabinet which will blend very nicely with most interiors.  And who would ever know that beneath that clean, crisp exterior there lurked an ugly little secret… your cat’s litter tray!

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

The b-toilet has a 20cm x 18cm opening in the front, which provides access for your cat to do the do, and for you to do the scoop afterwards.  The tray can be removed for a thorough clean via the rear door, which has a handy magnetic closure.  Felt feet make the cabinet easy to slide, should you need to swivel it away from a wall in order to remove the tray.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

Each b-toilet comes with a black, hooded litter tray (with removable cat flap) measuring a generous 52.5cm x 39.5cm x 38cm.  If your cat’s not a stand up wee-er, or a frantic litter scrabbler, you could probably do away with the hood altogether – which would make scooping easier.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

The b-toilet is made from mdf and is available in two finishes – oak veneer (£214.80*) and white melamine (£197.55*).  The melamine has a choice of trim in six different colours as an optional extra for around £17.00*.  Prices include free delivery within Europe.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

External measurements: 56.4cm x 43.4cm x 42.4cm

*These prices are accurate at current euro exchange rates, and don’t include the 20% discount.