Catissa – Modern Cat Furniture by Mojorno

catissa by mojorno

Catissa is a stunning piece of modern cat furniture, new from Russian design company, Mojorno.  With Catissa, Mojorno aim to introduce some minimalistic design into the world of cat furniture, and to transform the humble cat house into a piece of interior art.  I reckon they’ve fulfilled their brief very successfully, and the bold, angular shapes will certainly compliment contemporary interiors.

More importantly, Catissa has been designed by somebody with a good understanding of feline behaviour and requirements.  It ticks all the right boxes as far as our cats are concerned: it’s a dual-purpose piece of climbing furniture that features high-rise cat perches and a multi-story collection of cosy dens.  It even comes with its own little ladder for ease of access.  Cat heaven, in other words!

catissa by mojorno

Catissa needs to be wall-mounted, and ideally should be situated in the corner of a room.  The cabins have been built with durability in mind, and are constructed from pine with a paint finish.

There are three colour options: the cheery Coloured House (recommended for ‘a bit depressed’ cat owners!), the minimalist White House and the very masculine Black House (recommended for austere interiors).  Each Catissa comes with a 3-step cat ladder and washable pillows.

catissa by mojorno

This 4-story cat house is pretty reasonably-priced at €250 (approx. £213.00 at current exchange rates).  And now here’s the bad news: at the moment Catissa is only available in Russia, as shipping to other countries is prohibitively expensive.  However, according to their website, Mojorno are trying to find ways around this problem and are currently ‘half-way’ to being able to ship to other European countries.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, visit the Catissa website so that you can drool over loads more photos and fantasise about moving to Russia!


3 responses to “Catissa – Modern Cat Furniture by Mojorno

  1. These are very cool, especially lit up. has them for sale in the U.S. and a portion of the sale goes to animal charity.

  2. God I love this!!! Wish I could afford it 4 my little 1!!!

    Great blog by the way!! 🙂

    • Thanks D! Yeah, I really like it, but it’s out of my price range too. Make Them Roar currently have a Catissa discount code for their readers which knocks £30 off the price of a couple of the Catissa models.

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