Caturday Cat Pics #10

Whoever would’ve thought that former East End hard-cat, Eric, would be upset by a teensy weensy bit of snow?  Turns out he hates having cold feet!

Here’s a few pics I took this morning when he forced himself outside to patrol the garden.  I wish I’d taken video of this now, as there was an awful lot of growling, snarling, hissing and general feline effin’ and jeffin’ going on everytime he stepped in the snow!  I got bitten a couple of times too, as naturally it was all my fault.  (Apologies in advance for the language, but I’m afraid Eric’s just that  kind of cat!)

“Oh – FFS!”

tabby cat in snow

“Look at it!  It’s bleedin’ everywhere!”

cat in jacket in snow

“I’m getting p*ssed off with this!”

tabby cat in snow

“Now I’m REALLY fackin’ p*ssed off!”

angry cat in snow

“Right – let’s get fings sorted.  This needs a bleedin’ sniff.”

tabby cat sniffing in snow

“This needs a fackin’ spray.”

tabby cat spraying

“Job’s a good un’ – I’m back indoors.  You can stay out ‘ere if you like, you muppet!”

tabby cat in jacket in snow

“This is more like it!  Milk, 2 sugars please, luv – and look lively abaht it!”

tabby cat asleep


4 responses to “Caturday Cat Pics #10

  1. Haha…brilliant! Where did you get Eric’s harness from?

  2. Eric I don’t blame you. I don’t like the snow either!

    • “Cheers, luv! No one likes freezing their plates off when it’s brass monkeys out there.”

      I’ll translate that for you, Caren: “Thanks for your support! No one enjoys suffering from cold feet because of freezing weather conditions.”

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