Caturday Cat Pics #14

This is the first Caturday Cat Pics sans Eric, and, let me tell you, there’s been a few changes round these parts…

The Great Pecking Order Re-shuffle, which took place within 24hrs of Eric’s departure, has seen former Peckham gang member, the somewhat caustic Feral Beryl, reclaim her position as Top Cat.

“Well, congratulations – you’ve finally seen sense and evicted the thug.  Just don’t expect ME to take his place in that ridiculous waste of time Caturday Cat Pics thing.”


“Stop following me!”


*Sigh* “Do you even care how pathetic you are?”


(For the record: no I don’t.)

Today was a momentous day for young Alfie: he plucked up the courage to venture downstairs to the garden for the first time!  (Apologies for the quality of the pics, but if I’d moved to a better position I would’ve frightened him back indoors again.)

A brief pause to give Beryl the chance to call him an idiot…


and then straight into action mode when he spots a passing hoverfly!


Time to explore…


Pressing on to the outer limits of the know universe…


At this point it all became a bit overwhelming and he dashed back inside.  Still, I’m sure you’ll agree, it was one giant step for a very timid cat who’s been living indoors for the last two years.  (He’s now crashed out on the bed recovering from the excitement!)

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  1. your kitties are just too cute!

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