Caturday Cat Pics #17


Alfie‘s now a dab hand at this going outside malarkey, and has become quite the Man About Town. (Well, Man About the Back Garden, anyway).  I’m still not letting him out unsupervised, as first I want to ensure he has the sense to follow the example set by the rest of the HQ Cats and keep well away from the road.


Alfie’s also been busy making friends with the cats from the flat downstairs.  Here’s his New Best Mate, Barry.  (Technically, this picture could be classified as false advertising: it’s not really possible to purchase 3 Barrys for £12.)


Alfie’s sister, Ethel, has shown absolutely no inclination to venture down to the garden (and, unlike Alfie, she’s had outside access since last summer).  But I suppose there’s really no need to bother with all those stairs, not when there’s plenty of plants on the balcony that need a good flattening.


And Ida‘s been pondering over the TV guide.  This week she’d mainly like to watch Springwatch, Springwatch, and then maybe some more Springwatch.


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