Caturday Cat Pics #18

Now here’s a thing I thought I’d never capture on camera: Ethel in the garden!


After a year-long recce from the safety of the balcony Miss Ethel was finally persuaded down the stairs and into the big wide world by the irresistible sight of Malcolm From Downstairs devouring a wood pigeon.

Ethel’s taken to the outdoor life with enthusiasm and now spends a lot of time relaxing in the undergrowth.  I’m absolutely delighted with her decision to venture into the garden as I feel it’s proof that she’s finally settled in properly here – after nearly 2-and-a-half-years!

Malcolm From Downstairs came upstairs earlier this week to pay us a visit – he likes to make the occasional social call to check for left over food (there never is any!) and sniff the litter trays.  Unfortunately for Malcolm, a certain ginger lady decided that she wasn’t going to allow him an easy route back downstairs again, and made good use of the classic I’m Just Sitting Here Minding My Own Business But There’s Absolutely No Way You’re Getting Past Me tactic.


Poor Malcolm was stuck on the balcony for over 20 minutes before I took pity on him and intervened with some cat biscuits.


Alfie (or Lord of the Flies as he’s now known) has been spending hours outside chasing insects – he never tires of it.

Here he is looking very disappointed, as it was late in the day and all the flies had gone home to bed!


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  1. Alfie sets off the dianthus nicely.

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