Caturday Cat Pics #2

This week got off to an absolutely cracking start: on Monday morning Ethel (pictured above) nudged my hand and then chirruped a request for a stroke.  This may not sound all that remarkable, so let me put it into context for you.

Ethel came to me as a feral foster kitten 18 months ago, and I eventually adopted her a few months back.  Up until very recently Ethel had existed almost entirely in her own closed-off little world, and had rarely interracted with either myself or the other HQ cats.

So I was tickled pink when she asked me to stroke her for the very first time on Monday morning.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, later that day we had another first from Ethel: she actually purred!  Joy of joys!  (You can read more about Ethel and her difficult start in life here.)

This week also saw the installation of the new cat-flap; much to Ida’s initial dismay.  (I think she may’ve been wondering how it got so dirty so quickly – she’s quite big on hygiene.)  Don’t worry, she soon got the hang of it!

And Eric managed to find time in his busy schedule to relax in the garden.

cat in jacket harness

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  1. your kitties are adorable! Kudos on the progress you have made with Ethel!

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