Caturday Cat Pics #21 – Foster Family Update

edward and peter - foster kittens

Doris, and her sons Peter and Edward (above) have been with me for 10 weeks now.  As you can see, Peter (tabby) and Edward (black) are much bigger than last time I posted photos of them, and the whole family has settled down enough to come out of the pen they were housed in previously and be given the run of the room.

Doris (below) – aka Owl Face – is a really attentive mother who absolutely adores her two boys.  She’s only just stopped allowing them to feed from her.  And they’re 5½ months old… with big sharp teeth!  Doris’ chosen method of weaning her over-grown babies?  Vigorous bunny kicks to the head every time they tried to suckle – problem solved in less than 48 hours!

doris - aka owl face - foster cat

I’ve found out a little more about the family’s background since their last Caturday Cat Pics appearance.  Apparently Doris was given to someone as a present, who didn’t actually want a kitten, so decided the best thing to do under the circumstances would be to banish Doris to the garden, where she was fed but never interacted with.  I’m assuming that Peter and Edward were born outside in the garden, and consequently Doris and sons are semi-feral.  How they ended up dumped in a car park of a block of flats is a complete mystery.

edward - foster kitten

They may have had a semi-feral start in life, but I haven’t given up hope that they can find a home together as domestic cats.  They’ve all come an awful long way since their arrival here, and are now pretty confident around me.  No one actually likes being stroked yet, but no one runs under the furniture when I enter the room either, and the boys are happy to settle down on my lap for a snooze.   The whole family really enjoy playing games with me, and they all love being hand-fed cat biscuits.  In fact Biscuit Time usually turns into a rugby scrum – with me at the bottom of the pile!

peter - foster kitten

This week we reached a major milestone, and finally broke through the purr barrier.  Hooray!!  My money was on young Peter to be the first one to crack, but mum Doris beat him to it.  She’s purred twice in as many days – once when being hand fed biscuits, and again while playing The Stick Game.

doris & peter - foster mum & kitten

So, here’s hoping that the boys will follow mum’s lead, and next time round I’ll be able to report on a full set of purrs!

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  1. You have done so well with them. They are all gorgeous.

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