Caturday Cat Pics #3

This week…

Martha very obligingly provided a classic ‘Cat & Flowers’ photo opportunity:

cat and flowers

Beryl looked as if she was about to say something interesting (but then changed her mind):

beryl the tabby cat

Ida enjoyed chewing some grass I picked for her:

cat eating grass

And Eric enjoyed chewing my hand:

cat chewing hand

2 responses to “Caturday Cat Pics #3

  1. your kitties are exquisite!!! Loving the photo of Eric today!

    • Eric’s always biting me – it’s his favourite game. I don’t know if you get much of a sense of it from the photos, but Eric is a huge cat, so initially I was a bit nervous when he started chewing my hands and wrists, as he’s big enough to inflict real damage. However, I’m pleased to report that he’s a reliably gentle giant!

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