Caturday Cat Pics #5

There’s no Eric today, as he had to go to the vets this morning and is being kept in for 24hrs observation.   The poor boy was taken ill quite suddenly late last night – he had a raging temperature, and such bad earache that all he could do was lay down and growl.  Luckily I had some pain killing/anti-inflammatory medication left over from one of his previous misshaps, and so was able to make him more comfortable overnight.  I’ve been assured it’s nothing serious and he’ll be able to come home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the HQ Ladies and I took advantage of an unusually pleasant afternoon and spent some time in the garden, before we were driven back indoors by the fumes from a neighbour’s barbecue: it smelled like they’d decided against the traditional charcoal briquettes in favour of grilling the food over a vat of flaming lighter fuel.  Bet it tasted lovely!

Here’s Ida pondering the meaning of life, or maybe just wishing it was dinner time:

ida the cat thinking

Martha wanted to show you all what nice teeth she has:

martha cat yawning

Ethel was permitted to sit in the plant pot as she looked so cute:

ethel cat and flowers

And, back indoors, Beryl enjoyed not having to share her favourite bed with Eric (he snores very loudly):

beryl tabby cat


2 responses to “Caturday Cat Pics #5

  1. Hoping all is well with Eric and MY Martha does have some amazing teeth!

    • Yep, he’s completely recovered now, thanks. The vet reckoned it was a viral infection – apparently they can come and go very rapidly. Martha’s teeth are nicer than mine!

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