Caturday Cat Pics #6

Afraid I just didn’t have the time to take any new photos this week…. So here’s a few pics of a cat family I fostered in 2010.

Beautiful stray mum, Lily, gave birth to her litter of four kittens in somebody’s garden shed.   Fortunately, the person who owned the shed called the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, who came to the rescue.

Mum Lily

tortie and white cat

Kittens: Daisy

black and white kitten


tortie and white kitten


tabby and white kitten

..and their brother, Basil.

white and black kitten

Needless to say, it didn’t take this bunch of cuties long to find lovely new homes.

2 responses to “Caturday Cat Pics #6

    • Lily & co were certainly one of the more photogenic families I’ve fostered – which meant that they were also re-homed much more quickly than most of the other cats and kittens I’ve had staying here.

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