Caturday Cat Pics #7

This is Malcolm From Downstairs.

malcolm the tabby cat

Eric and Malcolm From Downstairs are sworn enemies.  Malcolm’s the main reason why Eric needs to wear a harness when he goes outside: if they were allowed unrestricted access to one another, the result would be carnage!

eric in his cat harness

So it was unusual for them to sit in such close proximity; although, as you can see, neither cat was feeling all that relaxed about the situation.

two tabby tom cats

This is Eric studiously ‘ignoring’ his arch rival.  Yeah right, Eric – you’re fooling no one!

eric ignoring malcolm

Not wishing to be outdone, Malcolm From Downstairs demonstrates that he can give good ‘nonchalance’ too.  Notice how Eric’s beginning to look more that slightly peeved…

two peeved tabby tomcats

Seconds after I put the camera down Malcolm From Downstairs made the grave mistake of attempting to sit on my lap, and Eric errupted into a jealous fury.  Don’t worry, no one was hurt – thanks to the harness and leash.

2 responses to “Caturday Cat Pics #7

  1. What handsome mancats!!!! All in all though they did a darned good job!

    • They’re both good looking boys, and very similar in other ways too – both ex-street cats, who’ve been neutered and are now leading a life of cosy domesticity. Come to think of it, that’s probably why they don’t get on – just too alike!

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