Caturday Cat Pics #9

This week some of the HQ Cats have been enjoying the late summer sunshine out on the balcony…

Martha grabbed prime king-of-the-castle position – on top of an upturned basket.  And looked very pleased with herself!

martha - black and white cat

Beryl discovered a New Favourite Place – squeezed in between two flowerpots.

beryl - tabby cat

Ethel demonstrated the Look Confident Enough And You’ll Get Away With It technique.  It worked, and she was allowed to continue squashing my new plant!

ethel - ginger cat

Meanwhile, back indoors, Eric ruined his macho image by enjoying a lovely cuddle with his toy rat.

eric - tabby cat with toy rat

4 responses to “Caturday Cat Pics #9

  1. I must say these are very good photos! I can never catch my cat in any decent sort of pose!

  2. Ethel’s crossed paws are so kissable and Eric with his rat reminds me of Cody and his red mousie. Ethel and Eric win the prize today! 🙂 But they are ALL adorable!

    • The HQ Cats thank you for your very kind compliments! Ethel often sits like that, but not usually when I have may camera handy – so that was quite a lucky snap.

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