Caturday Cat Pics

This week in Sarf London it actually stopped raining and the sun came out for half an hour.  Here’s some of the HQ Cats taking full advantage of the break in the weather:

Eric looking mighty-fine in his new jacket…

cat jacket

…while Beryl

tabby cat

…and Martha hide out in the undergrowth…

cat with leaves

…and Ida keeps any eye on everyone from her vantage point on the fire escape.

tortoishell cat

As you can imagine, the poor things were exhausted after all that tearing about, and had to go back indoors for a lie down.  I’ve advised them to take it easy in future.

2 responses to “Caturday Cat Pics

  1. absolutely delightful cat photos! I am partial to Eric, he is sporting the “white socks” that my Angel Bobo used to have! 🙂

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