Christmas Gifts for Your Cat

This is the last ( but definitely most important!) post in the Cool For Cats UK Guide to Christmas series: how to keep your cat happy during the Yuletide celebrations.

Your cat will want to look the part over the festive season, so one of these Christmas-themed safety collars should go down a treat.

Tabby Cat Collars have a range of eight Christmas collars available (£6.00 each), plus the option to receive any collar of your choice in a clear plastic bauble, which comes with a red and white checked ribbon so that you can hang it on your tree, and also contains a cute little catnip mouse (£10.00)

cat safety collar tabby cat collars

Mog’s Togs have a range of Christmas collars, including this cheery ‘Jubilation‘ number (£5.95).  Mog’s Togs are offering a 15% discount to Cool For Cats UK readers – just enter the code COOLFORCATS  at the checkout.

cat safety collar by mog's togs

You’ll be feasting off the best crockery on Christmas Day, and your cat will expect to do likewise.  One of these Retro Enamel Cat Bowls by Pink Jellyfish (£12.00) should do the job.

retro enamel cat bowl by pink jellyfish

Post Christmas dinner party games are obligatory by law in the UK, and cats are not exempt from this legal requirement.

Molly’s Mice have a range of Christmas toys filled with super-strength catnip, including these stocking/mice packs (£6.99)

molly's mice superstrength catnip toys                      molly's mice superstrength catnip toys

If your cat prefers a larger rodent to wrestle with, one of these Plague Rats will fit the bill.  They’re made from natural linen, wool and leather, and filled with a potent combination of catnip and valerian root. (£3.00 each)

plague rat cat toy

This isn’t common knowledge, but most cats dream of owning their own sleigh (for complicated historical reasons to do with reindeer, the exact details of which have faded from the feline folk memory over the years) .  The Christmas Sleigh Cardboard Scratcher (£7.49) from Purrs in our Hearts will help cats fulfil their Yuletide yearnings – plus a percentage of all profits from this online shop are donated to UK cat rescue charities.

cat christmas sleigh cardboard scratcher

Help your cat burn off those Christmas calories with Da Bird  – but be prepared to clear a bit of space before you start playing with this toy, as cats go absolutely wild for it!  Available for £5.59 from Purrs in our Hearts.

da bird cat toy

After all that excitement your cat will be ready for the traditional Christmas Afternoon Snooze.  If you’re entertaining lots of human guests, and your cat decides it’s time for a bit of peace and quiet, one of these cozy felted merino wool beds by Love Cat Caves (£36.50) will provide a good hideaway.

felted merino wool cat cave by love cat caves

For fans of the army surplus look, there’s the super-smart Scruffs Aviator, available through Amazon for £18.50.  (It’s really a dog bed, but your cat will never know!)

scruffs aviator bed

Or if you think your cat would prefer to sleep off an excess of turkey in a more traditional donut, the beautiful Felix Sky Cat Bed is available from Pins and Ribbons for £35.00.

felix sky cat donut bed by pins and ribbons

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