Cool Vintage-style Cat Bowls & Dry Food Storage Tins


These Cat Bowls from Hopscotch are finished in clay or cream enamel, and decorated with retro-style fonts, so will look great in your kitchen.  Your cat couldn’t give a mangled mouse about the trendy colours and cool fonts, but should appreciate that these bowls are nice and shallow, and feature a non-slip rubber base – which makes the business of eating a meal that much easier.  Priced at £5.00.


Hopscotch also have Cat Food Storage Tins in the same colours and fonts.  The tins measure H23cm x D16cm x W18cm, and feature a secure lid and a very handy serving scoop that hangs from a hook on the side. Priced at £22.00.

If you fancy buying either of these products as a pressie for a fellow cat servant, they both come with the option of a hand stamped, personalised gift tag at no extra cost.

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  1. I think I would like these better if they were more colorful

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