Crick Cat Food Container

crick cat food container - blue

The Crick cat food container is by Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni.  It’s available in the UK, in blue and pink, for £20.99 from Pets Pyjamas.  The Crick features a cute little cat peeking out from the lid, and comes with its own scoop, the handle of which forms the cat’s tail – nifty!  (And more practical than the folded-over-biscuit-bag-secured-with-a-clip arrangement that many of us favour!)

crick cat food container - pink

The Crick cat food container is made from 100% polypropylene and is dishwasher safe.  Measurements: diameter 20cm, height 28cm, capacity 2kg.


2 responses to “Crick Cat Food Container

  1. I sooo wish that came in a color that would go with my kitchen, neither one does 🙁

    • It does come in a nice black/cream combination, but I could only find it on one online shop in the UK, who are selling it for £45 – which I thought was a bit expensive. However, it looks like you lucky people in the US have a black and black & cream option available from PetEgo for $51.00.

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