Cute Cat Boot Socks!

cat boot socks from scarflovers

These 100% cotton boot socks are from Turkish Etsy shop, ScarfLovers.  Each sock features half a cat face, and the socks form a complete cat face as a pair.  Very cute!  But if you buy a pair you may be stuck for an uncontrived way of showing your cute cat socks off to your cute cat friends.  How about this for an idea: “Hey!  Let’s all take our boots off and see who can get their feet the closest together…. Ooh, I win… And look, my socks are forming a cat face!”  You’re welcome.

Available in one-size-fits-all for £7.42 from Scarflovers.

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One response to “Cute Cat Boot Socks!

  1. Wowwzers! Yous gots Mommy drooling over those socks! Wish wes could find them here in Canada!

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