Etsy Find – Cat Shoes

cat face shoes

Check out these beauties by Athenian Etsy seller, Anna Lam.  The cat faces are hand-embroidered onto soft swede, which is then cut and made into cheeky little ballet pumps.  The shoes are leather-lined and have a leather sole, a rubber heel and a soft, cushioned insole.

cat face shoes

Anna’s shoes are available from her Etsy Shop for £72.85, and come in red or black, to fit UK sizes 3 – 9.  As the shoes are complicated to make, Anna needs up to two weeks to construct them – but I think they’d be worth the wait.

2 responses to “Etsy Find – Cat Shoes

  1. do you follow You should…she has featured amazing cat shoes 🙂

    • Yes I do; and you’re right she finds some incredible shoes – there was a vintage pair on the other week which I loved. I do re-tweet them when I see them on Twitter, but don’t post them on here as products have to be available in the UK of Europe to feature on this site.

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