Etsy Find – Crochet Cat Sculpture

This amazing cat sculpture is Tomas the crocheted Sphynx.  Tomas stands at 40cm tall and has a wire frame, so is infinitely flexible.  As you can see, this is an anatomically correct work of art: Tomas is still ‘intact’, which ordinarily I wouldn’t approve of, but will make an exception in this case as crocheted female cats are very rare, and the chances of Tomas encountering one are minimal.  Tomas also sports an endearing little Sphynx paunch!

Tomas is made by London-based Ekaterina Sharapova, and is available from her Etsy Shop for (ahem!) £524.00.  Mind you, that’s still considerably cheaper than a real Sphynx!  And if you’re a bit of a hooker, Ekaterina will be adding the pattern for Tomas to her shop soon, so you could keep the cost down by crocheting one for yourself.

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