Etsy Find – Faye Moorhouse

Faye Moorhouse is a freelance illustrator from Brighton.  Her work is characterised by the use of simple brush strokes and colour washes, and a pervading dark humour.  Faye’s designs are available from her Etsy Shop.

A few of Faye’s cats:

5 Curious Cats concertina book/zine

Black Cat Print                Illustrated Cat Garland     A Cat Hoard Print         

These next items are from Faye’s macabre Cat Ladies of Czechoslovakia series.  The Cat Lady characters are taken from an imagined Czechoslavakian folk tale about nine mysterious cat-loving women, with a powerfully unpleasant odour and a dark secret…

The Cat Ladies of Czechoslovakia A3 bound book

The Cat Ladies Lunch dinner plate

The Cat Lady bowl

5 Czechoslovakian Cat Ladies concertina book/zine

….  A new take on the cat-as-child-substitute theory, maybe?  There’s something irresistibly intriguing about the smelly ladies – I’d love to hear the full version of their folk tale.

Faye Moorhouse also has a website, if you’d like to view more of her work.


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