Etsy Find – Kitty Valentine

If you like your art a little on the dark side, then you’ll love the work of  London-based artist Kitty Valentine.  These two prints ‘Crow Girl with Cat’ (above) and ‘Fox Girl with Cat’ (below) are from Kitty’s Victorian Mischief project.  They were created by painting directly onto Edwardian postcards of stage actresses, and reflect Kitty’s fascination with the underlying themes of transformation and menace which run through children’s fairy tales.

For those not fully in touch with their inner goth, there’s the splendid Pierrot Kitty Pearly Queen Cushion, inspired by the working class London tradition of Pearly Kings and Queens, who wear black suits elaborately decorated with pearl buttons and say ‘Gor blimey, guv!’ a lot.  (I may have made that last bit up.)

Kitty’s work is available from her Etsy shop, Foxglove Pearly.  Prints – matted on a black card mount – are £10.47, and cushions are £42.54.

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  1. i just came across this and wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely mention. i have just added a few new prints to etsy and my blog, and one that i think you might like is here:
    very warm wishes,

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