Etsy Find – Nicola Rowland

Have a look at these lovely goodies featuring a gang of cat/human hybrids.  This lot could almost be slightly creepy, but somehow just look so right that it’s hard not to find them endearing.

There’s the Kitty Kate Sticker Set:

The Taco Kitty Tote Bag:

The Love Kitty Coaster:

And my personal favourite, the Boyfriend & Girlfriend Pillow Set:

Or for those who prefer their cats on all fours, there’s The Cat Tea Towel:

All these lovely items can be purchased at Nicola Rowland’s Etsy Shop.

Nicola is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Manchester.  Nicola’s range also includes original drawings, cards, pocket mirrors, jewellery and mugs.  In addition to cats, her designs feature capybaras, pugs, foxes, birds and humans.

Nicola also sells Pocket Girlfriends and Pocket Manfriends.  I’m particularly taken with Kenneth; think it’s the eyebrows that do it for me.

Nicola has a blog, which makes for an entertaining read, but is well worth a visit for the spectacular birthday cake alone.

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