Etsy Finds – Cat Rings

Here’s a selection of cute and kitsch cat rings from UK Etsy Sellers – at bargain prices!  All the rings featured are adjustable.

These grey and black cat rings, with a fuzzy velvet-like finish are available from TemporalFlux for £3.24.

These three rings are available from Molly Rhoda for £3.00, and are made using pictures taken from a vintage book about cats.

The Black “Lunar Cat” Ring (left) is available from LunarCrafts for £2.60, and the White Cat Ring (right) is available from knotforsaleshop for £3.00.


And finally, if you really fancy making a statement, here’s the jolly spiffing Dapper Cat Cameo Ring, available from Devious Owl & Pussycat for £4.00.

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  2. lovely rings! My favourite and ridiculously kitsch rings are locketships –


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