Everday Heroes – the RSPCA’s Inspectors & How You Can Help Them to Save Animals from Cruelty


For us animal lovers, the RSPCA is the fourth emergency service.  I have the charity’s Cruelty Line number (0300 1234 999) saved on my mobile, so that if I see an animal in distress anywhere in the UK I can report it to the RSPCA and feel confident that the animal will receive the help it needs.  It’s the RSPCA’s inspectors who investigate complaints of cruelty, and deal with incidents ranging from unintentional neglect due to lack of animal care knowledge, to horrific cruelty cases such as organised dog fighting and badger baiting.

EVERY DAY HEROES is the RSPCA’s latest campaign, which aims to highlight the invaluable work carried out by their inspectors.  A call is made to the Cruelty Line every 30 seconds, with 28,741 reports of abandonment and 220,421 reports of animal abuse needing to be investigated.  Times are tough at the moment, and the RSPCA desperately needs your help to enable their inspectors to save animals from cruelty.

The simplest way to help is by texting HERO to 88010 – this will give £3 (you’ll also be charged your standard network message rate).  You can donate online, or request a fundraising pack – check out the Everyday Heroes page to find out more.  You could also help spread the word about the campaign by sharing the Everyday Heroes page on social media.


I have nothing but admiration for RSPCA inspectors: in addition to dealing with sometimes harrowing cases of animal cruelty, the inspectors can find themselves in dangerous situations, including being threatened with weapons such as knives and shotguns.  They truly are everyday heroes.

Here’s Steve Walker, an experienced RSPCA inspector, talking about his job, the dangers he sometimes faces and what keeps him motivated.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored blog post (fee will be donated to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust).

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